TGC 116 Merit List

tgc 116 merit list
Technical graduates those who have cleared SSB interviews and medical examination of TGC 116 technical graduate course will be getting their names in TGC-116 merit list published by Indian army. All successful candidates will be getting joining instruction as per their order in TGC 116 merit list and will be joining IMA Dehradun for the course commencing in Jan 2013.

TGC-117 Merit List

Vacancies Notified in TGC-116 for B.E. and

Btech/BE Discipline
Civil (including mining/ construction) 27
Electrical (including Electrical & Electronics) 08
Mechanical (including industrial/ industrial Engg & Management) 08
Production (including Manufacturing/ Metallurgical/ Metallurgy Explosives) 02
Automobile Engg/ Workshop Technology 01
Rubber Technology/ Plastic/ Textiles 01
Communication/ Telecommunication (including ECE/ Electronics & Communication) 06
Electronics (including Electronics & Instrumentation/ Microwave/ Opt Electronics) 04
Architecture/ Building Constr Technology 02
Computer Science & Engg/ Computer Science/ M.Sc (computer) 01

TGC-115 Merit List Details:

Awaited: 21
Unfit: 9
TGC-116 merit list will be published on in Dec 2012. 
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  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • one person has got JI for tgc116 and the joining is on the 30 dec

    • one person has got JI for tgc116 and the joining is on the 30 dec

    • Lokesh. Are you sure?

    • How many here are waiting for TGC-116 Merit list ?

    • I too got my JI . Reporting date in 30th. Course starts on *th jan

    • I think you are saying that course is starting on 8th Jan. btw buddy can you tell me that according to your JI, draft of how much rupees we have to carry (not that of provisional admission)??

    • There is no mention of cash to be carried. They have just written download a copy of IMA joining instruction from army website

  • yes dines 100%… waiting For joining date for IMA134…

    • 29th Dec is joining date of IMA-134

    • rahul i hav similar things but thing is if 29 is the joining date then why d hell army people hav not announced anythng till no..

    • i don’t know, may be they are also busy in watching parliament’s winter session 😀 😉

  • just 6 vacancies for ece and related….what do they think of our country…

    • dude that is the requirement of the organization, and according to that they have issued the vacancy. . . If you are surprised by seeing this, then kindly have a look on the vacancy for the Women entries, it is 2 or 3 for single branch 😉

    • hey bro..if u go by the vacancies in ECE and ELECTRIcal branch in TGC 116 they showed around 6 or 7 for rach..but i see that in the merit list they have choosen more then the vacancies declared by them!! how ???? kindly explain

  • All those RECOMMENDED and MEDICALLY FIT candidates for TGC-116 can join others at this common place

  • When will the list come especially in the current scenario where the course is starting on 30th with just 10 days to go!!!!!!!!1

    • Course starts on Jan 8th . Reporting date is 30th of december

    • Agreed man but then again 10 days are already not enough to wind up from one place and gear up for another endeavor in a totally different manner and environment. Anyways lets hope that it comes soon and has my my name in the merit and also BEST OF LUCK to all other candidates of TGC-116.

    • hey ..bro..i saw ur post in sssbcrack where u told tat all people who gets recommended for TGC and SSC cums in the merit list and gets JI,,,!! are u sure abt this??
      ???..because recently i have got recommended for SSC 40 tech course frm allahabad ssb board…and i am little nervous regarding the merit list which is expected by march..!! i consulted few people regardin the merit list and they tol tat very people fall in merit list for technical entries….!!!

  • dear sharan from which branch are you and when did u get your JI.

    • I am from EEE

    • hey ,,i recently got recommended frm ssb allahabad for SSC 40 tech course..IN the above posts few people have posted tat all people who get recommended for TGC and SSC comes on the merit list nd gets far is that true???..and what are the fair chances for us to cum under merit list??

  • join this page and prepare for CDS 2013

  • can any one say that what is the maximum eye sight power in diopter for technical entry plzz