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1st day:I reached Bangalore on 12th December at around 1 pm and when I was watching the crowd I find a face which was known to me from my last attempt at Bhopal his name in Anant deep singh, I joined him and went to the selection center. There we were welcomed by a JCO who explained us  the whole process the total reporting was 160 and I was allotted chest no 59 and we filled the PIQ,TA and other forms then we went to 24 ssb line. In night I was thinking about the screening  and just remined some good memories with families and friends and went to sleep.

24 SSB Bangalore

2nd day
I woke up early at 4 AM then I shaved and took bath and got ready for the day.We assembled at 6 AM and their we had briefing for the day’s process.

1st exam Intelligent test:
2 set with 50 questions each and time allotted is 30 minutes but in actual they gave us hardly 20 minutes they are very easy so I attempted all the questions then we went for the 2nd exam of the day i.e PPDT

24 ssb recommended

2nd exam PPDT(picture perception and description test):
The picture shown to us was clear and there is a boat on which two boys are standing and there is a villager standing outside the boat.So I made a story of graduate from bihar and the theme was flood and it was like this…Sohan is a 20 year young boy from bihar pursuing btech from Bihar technical university. In the month of july due to sudden floods in son river the condition of that area became worst and sohan with his friends decide to help the peoples so he made a team with his friends and made some rafts with the available resources and evacuated the peoples to the safer place and arranged food and medicines for them. His step was appreciated by the state govt.Then we wait for about 1 hr for the description test and we were called in a hall where 3 peoples were sitting and they gave all the necessary instruction to us then we started narration when it was my turn I was very nervous and my hands was shivering but I decided to do it and I control my breath and went with the flow my narration was good as told by the other group members then in group discussion I speak only 1 time and it was hardly went for 1 minute as one of them said pls stand up and there is a gate on my right hand side just gate out. We thought that our whole group was washed out and then we went for the lunch and they took around 3 hours to announce the result.At 4 pm they announced the result and when they called out chest no 59….Blank……….. I was very happy 35 out of 160 were get screened in. Then we filled PIQ form and other forms and I was chest no 13 and then we went to our rooms. Their I got to know that 5 were selected from my group and it was really shocking to me then with in no time we get familiar to each other and went out to see Bangalore

ssb recommended candidate

3rd day
I wake up early and got ready for the day, It was psychology day and interview for some of usIt started with TAT they showed 11 pictures to us and with the first thought of mind I wrote the stories and completed the test  then it was WAT, I tried to complete all the words but I missed 8-10 words Then SRTI completed only 45 SRT’s and it was really disappointing for me then it was SD( self description) parents opinion, friends opinion, teachers opinion and self opinion so I wrote what they think about me and what I think about me.Then they called chest no 1-6 for the interviews. I was happy because I was really scared for the interview.

4th day GTO
The day stated with the group discussion.1st topic was  “Media’s influence”2nd topic was “Should women get permanent commission in defence forces”GD’s were OK OK Then we went for the PGTIn these tasks we have to finish the task with the help of a Balli, a plank and a rope we did it smoothly as it was not very hard I was standing in the last holding the load so practically I didn’t gave any idea for the tast. Then we went for our next task i.e HGT in this tast GTO just asked the ideas to complete the task so I gave him 3 different ideas to complete the same task Then it was snake race ( The most entertaining task in GTO) we were ready to do it so when GTO said start we went with the flow yelling “ Bharat Mata Ki JAI” as it was our war cry.I was in the last supporting my group members and we completed it within few minutes .then it was tea break and after break GTO explained us about the individual task and it was very easy I completed 12 tasks and then we went for the lecturette. I was not ready with any topic so I was little bit nervous my topic was “Energy crisis in India”As I am an electrical engineer so I spoke good with the basic reasons attached to it with the solutions.Then I was told that be ready for the interview so I went to my room and put on formals and was really SCARED. I went to the tea point where we have to wait for our call, After lunch I was sitting their with my friends and as the time passes my nervousness also increases.It was around 4 pm  and I was getting bored their so I went to play volleyball  and after half an hour I came back and waited till 7 pm when a person came and “ Beta aapka interview kal hoga”I said wow sir it’s really great I just waited for 6 hours and went to my room .

SSB Bangalore

5th day GTO-II
Only Command task and FGT are remaining so they called us at 7 am in the ground and their we waited for next 2 hours for our GTO. He came at 9 AM and explained about the command task. I was called 5 times before my turn so got familiar with the tasks and when he called my chest no 13. I went near to my task and said “Gaya beta tu ab” to myself as there was nothing other then straight poles and blocks then he explained me about the task . Then I started my task but in b/w I got stuck to one obstacle so the GTO help me in indirect way.(he remind me about the distance rule) I got the way and cleared it.Then again our whole group collected together and with in no time we completed FGT. They GTO announced the remaining chest no for the interviews.I got ready and called for the interview.It was easy he asked me about myself only and some questions from GK.

Recommended candidates of ssb Bangalore

6th day Conference day
As usual I woke up early and got ready for the conference. In conference they just asked me“how was your stay”“tell us about your experience”“how this experience is different from the last time”“any suggestions”that’s itThen we went to have lunch and waited for the results.I was neutral about my result neither positive nor negative.The psychologist  came at 3 PM and announced the selected candidates are chest no 13 and chest no 25I was in 7th heaven It was the most beautiful day of my life Yeeeeeesssssss I have done in Yes I have “it” in me.

Author: Anil Kumar Yadav: I am 22 year old and have completed in electrical engineering in july 2012. I have also cleared GATE 2012 but in spite of going for M.Tech I choose to prepare for ARMY. This was my second attempt. I was screened out in TGC-116 from Bhopal in my first attempt. I am simply a cool guy with average in academics but good in sports. My father is serving in army in 116 para and he always inspired me to be a part of this organisation.

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