May 29, 2013

Best Book for NDA Exam Preparation

Best Book for NDA Exam Preparation 2013
NDA examination is conducted by UPSC twice every year for the young boys to join the Indian defence forces as an officer. There are various sources available for preparing NDA written exam like good books, sample papers, previous question papers and experience articles written by recommended candidates.

In this post we will be discussion regarding the best resources available and preparation materials you can use to clear NDA written test. The best thing to start with is a quality book with good syllabus to pass NDA written test. Lets discuss about few books you can buy for NDA exam preparation.
Sudan Block NDA, Pune

Best Book for NDA Exam Preparation

BUY NOW: Pathfinder for NDA and NA examination

The best book for NDA preparation is Pathfinder For NDA & NA Entrance Examination which serves asNational Defence Academy and Naval Academy. The book has been divided into three sections, with the prominent part of the book dedicated to the subject of Mathematics. The rest of the book features information on English and General Studies.
a guide for all aspirants who are planning to attend the annual written examination held by the UPSC.

Mathematical section
  • Sets and relations along with functions,
  • binary and complex numbers
  • series and sequences
  • quadratic equations
  • binomial theorem
  • matrix and determinants
  • logarithms
  • trigonometry
  • topics in geometry like triangles
  • coordinates
  • circles
  • cones
  • 3D geometry
  • The aspects of functions
  • limits
  • differentiation
  • derivatives
  • integration
  • vector algebra
  • probability theory
  • statistics
  • and area under curves
General Studies
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Indian Politics
  • History
  • Economy
  • and Chemistry
English section covers exercises and information that are related to the subject. The book has been specifically tailored, keeping the entrance exam in mind.

Articles written by NDA recommended candidates

These articles are written by candidates thoese who cleared NDA written and Cleared SSB Interview and Medical as well. These article may help you to analyse in how to make your NDA preparation practically possible.

Previous Question Papers for NDA 2013 preparation

Previous questions papers are really very important for any exam preparation, you can find the NDA previous question papers from the link given below, also you can find many previous question papers in the book linked above.
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