Most Common Mistakes Made By Candidates In SSB

Human nature is bonded with hard work. But, what’s required is working hard in a smart way. Similar attempts are to be followed by all SSB aspirants who are aiming to get huge responsibility on their shoulders in the form of stars and stripes. But it takes diverse efforts to reach up to that level. Some candidates step smartly and gets success in it while some continue aimlessly and ends this journey. Well, every candidate knows the best part of his performance. But a few track the way to their mistakes. So, we are here with some of the common mistakes that candidates makes in SSB.


  1. Extra Dominating / Introvert – Excess of everything is dangerous. Same thing applies in SSB too. Being dominant is not a leadership quality. Rather it is a kind of dictatorship. And being an introvert can take you down. Maintain your performance in a justified way, where you can put up your point and another will also find it free to express their views and ideas.
  2. Being Extra Friendly Is Deadly – The Armed Forces are all about discipline. Being over friendly will take you into trouble. Measure your words and feeling. Just answer what is being asked. Over friendly nature will disclose and blow out excess information.
  3. Bluffing Is A Useless – All assessors out there has experience of accessing dozens of candidates every day. They are trained to judge the candidate on first sight strike. Be honest with them. This will make a clear picture of yours in all three testing areas of SSB.
  4. Thinking Beyond Your Calibre Reduces Chances Of Recommendation – Psychological tests are framed in such a way that they bring out a good sketch of the actual personality of the candidate. The Candidate must follow his calibre in all psychological tests. Hype and exaggeration have no place in psychology.
  5. Copying Others Entangles Your Personality Frame – It is usually seen that candidates try to copy dialogues and punches from recommended candidates and delivers them in SSB. Well, this might have worked for those recommended candidates and matched their personality, but don’t try to superimpose their traits over you.
  6. Lack Of Self-Awareness Is Incomplete Analysis – The first step of preparation for SSB is to know yourself. Yours qualities and areas of fault, people’s views about you and your daily activates etc. need to be accessed by yourself.
  7. Reappearing Without Self-Introspection Is Wastage Of Attempts – All repeaters who believe in appearing in SSB, as a way to check their fate are wasting time. An officer is the one, who works beyond fate. It will be better to introspect yourself before heading to SSB next time.
  8. Impractical Ideas And Suggestions Are Unworthy – It is seen many times that candidates are asked about their views and suggestion in SSB. Candidates face this in interview, conference and sometimes at the end of GTO tasks. It is advised to not to put any useless suggestion or question that will become a spot on your personality. It will be better to get out of it in a calm and humble way.

Conclusion – All candidates must work on their shortcomings rather than lustring expertise. Check the part where you are lacking. Bring out a good personality for the armed forces. Make sure your traits are best displayed. But firstly analyse your mistakes in SSB.  All aspirants who are expecting their SSB in upcoming months, should focus on it and make a final shot this time.

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