Basic Do’s and Don’ts for SSB Preparation

SSB preparation needs to be focused and patterned. Some candidates attend coaching institutes to get the help form them. But it is not always that candidates get sure shot recommendation stamp unless they prepare by themselves. The beginning of the preparation should be in such a way that you must have some directions for your preparation. A candidate must know some do’s and don’ts before starting his preparation to turn it to a right route.


  1. Involve Yourself In Social Circles – Make sure you have the ability to speak up in a social group. Try to spend some time with friends, relative and other groups to enhance your social involvement and learn how to deal with different type of groups of people. A group of people gives more knowledge in an easy and simple way.
  2. Take Responsibilities – Have some experience of taking responsibility and completing it on stipulated time. Your experience to handle the people under you and your management of time and task will help you in ground task and boost up your psychology.
  3. Practice For Enhancing Communication Skills – Your communication skill is the way to channelize your thoughts and views to the accessory. It is the most important and mostly neglected thing by SSB aspirants.
  4. Do What Is Instructed – In SSB, be limited to what is told to be done. In personal interview, just cover the necessity of the question, don’t give over explanation and don’t leave any void in your response. Inculcate similar attitude in Ground Tasks.
  5. Improve Skill And Reading Habit – Check and improve your writing skills and inculcate the habit of reading. Newspaper is the best source of knowledge which gives you huge knowledge and improves your English.



  1. Never Follow SSB Books Blindly – Most of the times, it is seen that candidates blindly follow the reference books of SSB. The books are for guiding and give you a hint of the SSB. SSB is not any one way questioning session. It is a personality test, which can’t be evolved by reading and scripting some books.
  2. Avoid Following The Experience Of Conference Out Or Recommended Candidates – It is good to share your experience or listening the experience of the past candidates. But it is not good to copy those experiences and repeat those moves in SSB.
  3. Focusing Intensively On Any One Test Is Waste – While preparing for SSB, don’t get over-dissolved in preparation of any one SSB test. All three techniques are equally important and need to be cleared. Yes, you can introspect and put extra focus on which you are lacking.
  4. Neglecting Physical Fitness Can Downgrade Your Performance – Physical fitness matters in GTO tasks. Your basic fitness level is also accessed and matched in SSB. Burn out some calories and make yourself able enough to go through the GTO tasks.
  5. Avoid Bluffing or Preparing Excuses – The IO siting out there has an experience of accessing about 5-10 candidates daily. He is expert in segregating the bluffers from the crowd. Never prepare excuses for your mistakes. Rather accept them and speak out your efforts to neutralize the effects of your mistakes.

Conclusion – SSB preparation need hard work accompanied with smart work. You have to be sure on what you are aiming and how you are approaching. Don’t spoil your personality by misguiding yourself or adopting the traits of other selected candidates. Be genuine and show what you are, rather than being someone else.

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