How To Start CDS II 2016 Preparations?

CDS II 2016 examination Forms are out. Aspirants are busy in applying for the exam. Moving to the next part of it, i.e., preparations, many candidates find it the most difficult part, as they are not aware of how to begin and how to conclude the preparations. It is the deciding part. To help all the aspirants in their preparations, we are here with some instructions on how to manage preparations for the upcoming CDS examinations. The following steps will untangle the confusion of candidates and will help them.


  • Time Management Is The First Step – The most crucial part of the preparation is to manage the time. Check the time as per your need and devote more time to the subject that seems to be tough. Simultaneously give sufficient time to other subjects in which you are perfect. Whatever you do, do it with full concentration and mind. Make a blueprint of your timetable and follow it dedicatedly.
  • English – English can be prepared by reading newspaper and going through the sample papers and previous year papers. Reading newspaper constantly will give you an idea of usage of correct words, tenses and other grammatical rules. Vocabulary is also brushed up using the newspaper. Constant reading habit will help you to predict the sequence of jumble sentences, editing and omission questions. Passage needs practice and observation. Try to be a constant reader to perform well in English.
  • General Studies – Use newspaper, periodicals and magazines to brush up your current affairs knowledge. The statement type questions need deep knowledge and accurate strike to answer the question. So, it is advised to go thoroughly through the topics. As far as the G.S. part is concerned, go through the respective books and cover all subjects. Emphasize on subjects in which you are best. Bring out the best performance in your best subjects to ensure your selection. Side by side prepare for other subjects also.
  • Mathematics – Mathematics is all about the written practice. The more you practice, the more you will get bold in your calculations. Use diverse sources to practice like special CDSE books, extra mathematics practice books and sample papers. Internet is also a very good source of managing mathematics material. Focus on the correctness and speed of calculations. Geometrical question and trigonometry are a bit tough. Try to have a deep focus on statement type questions, which seems the most difficult, but are very easy to solve.

Conclusion – All CDS aspirants have about 2-3 months for their exam. Jump into preparations and ensure your selection this time. Don’t fear the failure. Rather, target the success. Manage time judiciously and bring out the best of you in the given time. Use previous year papers to check the exam pattern and manage preparations according to it. Be honest to yourself and don’t leave voids. Try to repeat the syllabus at least three times. The more you repeat, the more you get closer to your selection.

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