Instructions for All Successful NDA Aspirants

First of all, congratulations to all the aspirants, who made it this time in NDA 1 2016. Stepping to the next phase of it, all aspirants should stay ready to go to the next level. Now talking about what next, the first thing is to work hard smartly and strategically. All repeaters have gained a lot of knowledge and experience from their previous attempts. But the freshers need to step carefully. The first attempt is always seen as the golden chance for getting recommended. There are myths also regarding this point, which wanders somewhere in the minds of aspirants. Just focus on your preparation as SSB is entirely based on selection of the best performer. To get yourself prepared for SSB, the following instruction will help the aspirants to keep some basic things in mind before appearing in SSB.

  1. Keep All Documents And Admit Card Ready – Keep all your documents ready, with two Xerox copies of each along with your admit card and your recent photographs. In case, of appearing students, stay ready for getting a bonafide from your school. Last minute hurries always entangle you.
  2. Prepare for SSB – Freshers should start preparing for SSB. The basics of SSB are the first thing to get through and being followed. Attending coaching can amend your personality. Step smartly and manage time judiciously. They want your original personality, not any fabricated one.
  3. Introspect – For repeaters, it is advised to introspect and find out your mistakes. It is not a bad thing to make mistakes, but it is unwise to repeat those mistakes again and again. Your personal introspection will affect your performance more than any second person’s advice.
  4. Keep Extra Stuff Ready – There are many things that you must check and arrange before going to SSB. Your formal dress for interview, GTO dress (White), shoes etc. should be arranged in advance. Take your casual dresses as per the weather of the SSB center. The last minute arrangement always brings out a confusions.
  5. Apply For Next NDA Examination – It is very important to grab every chance to reach to your aim. NDA II 2016 forms are out. Apply for them following the eligibility criteria. It will give you another chance in case you fail this time.
  6. Stay Connected For SSB Center Allotment And Dates – For further updates on center allotment, SSB dates and SSB related updates, stay connected to Download study material, get tips for SSB tests and much more at a single place. Candidates can also buy study material from SSBCrack’s online shopping platform

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Conclusion – All NDA aspirants. Are advised to stay ready for their SSBs. The dates will be declared shortly and to avoid last minute rush, keep things ready and arranged. There is a time of about 1 ½ – 2 months for NDA SSBs, which is sufficient for preparations. So without wasting time, make yourself ready for it.

All The Best

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