How I Cracked The SSB Interview In First Attempt

Dear Aspirants,

This is Bhushan, I am taking my time out to write this because here is something I found absolutely amazing. I had purchased the book on SSB Interview by Dr. Cdr. NK Natarajan which I found was very good. I am also regular in SSB Crack and read all the articles posted there. One fine day, I found the Video Lectures by Dr. Cdr.  NK Natarajan on  I initially though what more than the book could be there in the video but still out of inquisitiveness, I bought his video product and started seeing it and my entire understanding of the process changed completely. I realized that reading and seeing are two different things.

The biggest challenge in front of any aspirant is to crack the screening test where the rejection rate is almost 60-70 %. Like most, I was very nervous too. But I just followed the strategy explained and shown in the video blindly. I too faced the fish market like situation and hardly got any chance to speak but as told by Dr Natarajan, I spoke less but spoke sense. I opened the discussion with three others. I started with the similarity in some of the stories of fellow aspirants and quickly there was an agreement. Just then some candidates started shouting and disrupting. I urged them to slowdown and give change to everyone and quickly found my opportunity to push single sentences in between and was delighted to see that I was screened in. Please note, it is not important to speak more. It’s important to speak logically.

The next challenge was the psychological test. TAT was ok. I just followed the instructions given in the video. In this it’s important to conceive the story meaningfully. The situation should be meaningful and the main character should be engaged in solving the situation. The most difficult test was WAT. Though I practiced a lot but in between I missed many words as I was just not able to write. I could complete only 43 words and was very scared that I may fail in this. This requires a lot of practice and any sentence will not do. Just follow the instructions and practice well.

The main Challenge was GTO. In GD and GPE, I followed the same strategy as PP&DT and it worked well. Spoke less but spoke logically. Made small sentences and spoke one sentence at a time. In PGT if you understand the concept of cantilever and if you are familiar with the structure it is fairly easy. The video proved most useful in the GTO tasks. I was not ahead most of the time but could give ideas which were workable. Since I had the idea and the people who were ahead were struck, the GTO asked me to exchange places and once I moved ahead, I could crack most of the structures. In HGT, things became easy as my group allowed me to move ahead and we crossed the hurdle comfortably. My Command Task was also very good. I feel everything became easy because I could understand the concept of cantilever as explained in the video and because there were so many structures shown in the video, it was almost very easy to relate and crack. In the individual obstacles, I could complete only 6 obstacles but the path I chose was right. I am a little heavy and was slow but I optimized the time by choosing the correct path.  

I found the interview fairly easy. The first few questions are standard and I was well prepared to answer these. The interview portion of the video contains four full length interviews which helped me in preparing my own answers. The section on GK and current affairs is the only challenge and can be different for different candidates. In my case, I found all questions were based on current affairs right out of newspaper. Since, I read news regularly, I never faced much problem except that I did not remember exact dates, numbers etc. but it didn’t matter much I suppose. I feel one should know something about everything instead of mugging up facts and figures.          

 Finally, I was flowing so smoothly as if I was living my dream because I found everything happening there exactly as I had seen and learnt from the video. Finally, I cracked the SSB. I got recommended from 12 SSB Bangalore for Navy. I whole heartedly thank Natarajan Sir for his efforts, the team of Scholar Buzz who were so helpful right from activating the product to arranging telephonic sessions and Skype Conversations with Dr. Cdr. NK Natarajan for clearing doubts.

I strongly recommend all the aspirants to invest in this instead of going for any coaching; I feel this is good enough to crack SSB.

Jai Hind!       

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