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From following the posts of “SSBCrack” to writing for it, the journey has actually been nothing less than a dream! And it is moreover a real obligation to share with you all!

14th December, 2016, the day I reported to 22 SSB, Bhopal. It was a pleasant day. In the evening, we were asked to fill the PIQs and TA along with certain other forms. On 15th December we had our Screening Test. I didn’t attempt the Verbal too well. Besides the pattern of question papers and timings, there are two very important things to be considered. The time factor plays a vital role in this test, you might even be given lesser time as it may please to the Instructor. Another significant thing is the number of questions we attempt. Make it a point that you ink maximum number of blanks.

From the initial batch of 95 candidates, 40 of us got Screened in. I was allotted the Chest No 22 hereafter, which eventually proved to be the luckiest ever for me. The next day was our Psychology Test. Here again, the time factor will test a lot of your grasping, retaining, thinking and presenting efficiency. I attempted all the questions within the stipulated time. Each of my 12 stories consisted of almost 120 words and I had already decided the plot for the Blank slide which is shown at the last. Both my SRT and WAT were up to my satisfaction level. I wrote the SD very rationally and mentioned by weaknesses too. Next two days were for GTO. My interview was scheduled on the first day of GTO, 17th of December. During Interview, we were assessed by two Officers, the primary Interviewing Officer and other to observe our body language, seated adjacent to the IO.  What you say and how you maintain your body posture has to be in great consonance to avoid the impression of not being truthful. The IO initially only knows the facts you have already mentioned in the PIQ. Rest of his questions solely depends on your own answers that let him have a sneak peek into your life. It is always better to not reveal anything you are not very comfortable in talking about. As during an SSB Interview, your whole life is prone to proper dissection. From questions about your family and education to those related to your sexuality and personal opinions, he can cover up everything. And it is always more advisable to answer with wisdom, shielding your character and weaknesses. My interview lasted for 65 minutes. I almost had to showcase my entire life, family, friends, future prospects etc. The only key I felt was to maintain a rhythm the way we will do with a 21st Century Father. He is of the same age and is obviously expecting you to be of a good character. It is better not to answer in a way that might make him question your sense of responsibility, sincerity, devotion and truthfulness. It is further advisable to not show the instincts of a habitual law breaker or an ignorant behaviour. Like if cornered on topics like Pornography, 80% of candidates will answer honestly with a “YES” without realising it is banned in INDIA. Such are the very minute things that call for a Smart Answer. GT consists of several tasks, few are to be completed individually and rest with the group mates. I showed best enthusiasm, cooperation and dedication for being selected. Being competitive towards our group mates yields no benefit, we are called a GROUP for some reasons. It is always better to extend full help and coordination, along with saving our own identity in GD and FGT. Conference which is held on the last day was a very formal interaction. Though mine lasted for approx seven minutes. I was asked questions about my worst performance according to me, my stay, suggestions and a certain other questions. After Conference, we were sent for Lunch and the Chest Numbers of Recommended Candidates were announced after Lunch. It was a moment of immense happiness, a feeling I will never get over! The Recommended candidates were then allotted a Chest No with “PLUS” sign on it and we were held back for Medicals. It was again a 5 days procedure, an exhaustive assessment of our health. I was declared FIT FOR ARMY by the Medical Board in the first go only which was again a Huge relief.

One of the most important thing, I would really like to mention is the SSBs are not at all biased. Nobody will choose an incapable person to guard his family. The same way Assessors only pick up the candidates possessing such qualities… Unbiased of anything and everything! And it will be a shame for any Aspiring Candidate to hear any such negative things about the Organisation you will soon be a part of. Developing our head and heart as that of an Officer already is the foremost key!

I have fortunately made into The Merit List. The selection took a whole lot of hard work, dedication, sincerity and Luck and I will be needing tons of it for the training. Humbly request you all to shower all the wishes. I’ll be genuinely in need of it.  

Thank You


JAG Entry, Course : 2018.

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