Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Website Is Hacked ??

Today the website of self proclaimed army commando trainer Mr. Shifuji has got hacked. Still the sources are not clear how and why the website got hacked but after going through the pages of the website it seems like the home page code has been changed to show the message as “THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN HACKED” and rest of the pages are redirected to ERROR 404 or deleted. 

This type of hacking or change of code can be done by internal team only who has access to the websites login. But still we are not sure who has hacked the website of self proclaimed commando trainer of Indian armed forces because usually a hacking team leaves a message behind and name but in this case there is a normal message which says “THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN HACKED”. 

this kind of hacking is still weird because instead of any script injection the homepage code has been changed to show this single line message and all the pages are redirected to 404.

Info Source:

shifuji website hacked

So all the data which said to be wrongly put by this man is gone now, now people who were demanding govt to put him in jail for impersonating as a soldier and keeping wrong info in his website has been deleted by this so called “hacking”.

What is your opinion? 

Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Confirmed He Is Not In Indian Army Never Trained Any Special Forces

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