Meet Major Leetul Gogoi, The Unsung Hero Who Saved 1000+ Lives In Kashmir With His Effective Intelligence

Who is Major Gogoi? Gogoi, 38, hails from rural Assam. His father is a farmer. Army sources said he enlisted in the force at the age of 18 and served as a jawan in the 3rd Battalion of Assam Regiment for nearly nine years before joining the Dehradun-based Army Cadet College (ACC) to become an officer.

Soldiers are groomed to become officers at the ACC for three years before they are packed off for a one-year course to the Indian Military Academy in the hill town. Gogoi was commissioned as a lieutenant in December 2008. The army service corps (ASC) officer volunteered to serve with the Rashtriya Rifles in Kashmir. The ASC provides logistics support, ranging from supplies to transport, to the army.

How Major Leetul Gogoi Saved Many Lives That Day

The video is of 9th April. The location is Budgam in Kashmir. One of the police booth was targeted in Budgam on the election day on 9th April. The ITBP and Jammu and Kashmir personnel were guarding a polling booth. When the polling was almost over, a mob of about 900 stone pelters attacked the personnel guarding the booth. Eye witnesses said that they were not pelting just stones.They in fact had huge boulders in their hand which they were throwing at the ITBP  and J&K Police. They wanted to prevent the people from casting their votes, said a person who witnessed the incident. What is to be noted here is that there were only 9 security personnel to guard the polling booth. It was 9 versus 900. The ITBP Jawans realized that they would not be able to get out alive unless and until they do something.

Guns were useless at this moment too. “They threatened us that they would lynch us all to death. We were 9 people in total, they were in hundreds. We immediately called the Army station commander and sent out a SOS message. The Army Commander immediately helped us. He sent in a Quick Response Team (QRT) with one jeep and one bus,” said one of the men who was trapped in a room with a mob of 900 waiting outside to kill him.

When the QRT arrived, they too realized that they were outnumbered. The QRT has about 17 members, but they too knew that it would be difficult to face a mob of 900. The Commander of the QRT decided that it would be a bad idea to open fire at the mob and could escalate tensions. The Commander immediately decided that rescuing the men inside is what was important.He caught hold of one Kashmiri stone pelter, tied him on to the jeep and drove pas the mob of 900. Not only did they go in, they saved the 9 ITBP and J&K Police personnel, and managed to come out alive. Omar Abdullah and several other so called liberal people who are criticizing the army must understand what really transpired before commenting. Please share this story of our real hero Major Gogoi.

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