Story Of Indian Army Twin Brother Will Motivate Many Defence Aspirants

The passing out parade of IMA always comes with several motivational elements from all around the nation. This time, the passing out parade held on 10th June 2017, came with several motivational masterpieces. Some officers, who came from the grass root level of the nation, went up high to grab their aim and scaled new heights taking their efforts struggle and handwork as a ladder to cover the distance to their target. This time also, out of some stories, we have come here with another exciting new story of two twins brothers, Gaurav and Saurav, who have a difference of 20 minutes in their birth.  But equally used their efforts to make the dream of their parents come true by joining the forces through the elite training academy of Indian Army i.e. IMA.

The story signifies the ambition of two brothers that will motivate you. Having just 20 minutes difference in between their time of birth, still they have got the same ambition. The stream of this ambition came to their mind from their father, who is a retired Army personal, Subedar Jaipal Singh. Sourav the younger brother gave a salute to elder brother and his senior, Gaurav who was passed out one year ago. After Gaurav joined IMA, Saurav was somehow not able to get into it. But having a stronger will to continue the legacy laid by his elder brother, his efforts brought happiness and success to his family, when he successfully joined IMA. Gaurav has passed out of IMA last year and now Sourav made it a proud moment for his parents by participating in passing out parade IMA.

The level of hard work and will to join the armed forces, even after belonging to a small village, Bhatti Gya of Tihri, these two brothers become an inspiration for the new generation and the hardcore Army lovers. This moment of passing out made the parents, relatives, and people motivated and parents felt proud on the children for being a distinct part of the army and getting the opportunity to serve the nation the direct and highest level.

These two young officers embarked another sparking motivational story for the aspirants and will ignite the flame of inspiration to join the forces as an officer. No matter, the place where you belong to is far backward or modern enough with all effective services and facilities or your family can afford you all that you need. What actually matters are the efforts and the never give up attitude that will always trust you toward your aim. You need a cause and a motivational matter in your life that will help you dwelling the way toward your aim. So, stay motivated and encouraged and target your aim with dedication.


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