100 Geography GK Questions for CDS NDA AFCAT

The defence examinations of AFCAT, NDA, and CDS are coming soon in upcoming consecutive months. These all have general ability section that checks the general knowledge of the candidates. The section contains questions from all basic theoretical subjects like history, civic, geography, physics, bio etc. Geography is also a part of it. The subject geography is quite interesting and enjoyable.

The questions related to this subjects are mostly asked directly. Below are some of the questions that will help the aspirants in getting the idea of it. Highest biodiversity is seen in – tropical rain forest


100 Geography GK Questions for CDS NDA AFCAT

  1. The port in India established specifically for transporting iron to Japan is – Paradip
  2. Largest number of salt lakes are found in which state of India – Rajasthan
  3. “Caldera” is associated with – Volcanoes
  4. The highest plateau in the world is – Pamir plateau
  5. Vivekananda rock memorial is situated in – Kanyakumari
  6. Airplane fly in which layer of the atmosphere – the stratosphere
  7. The strait separating North America from Asia is – Bering Strait
  8. Vindhya belongs to which category of mountains – Block Mountains.
  9. Which river originates from Amarkantak – Narmada
  10. Oldest mountain range in the world is – Aravali mountain range
  11. The most abundant element on earth crust is  –  Oxygen
  12. Indian Research Station Himadri is situated in – Antarctica
  13. Shipli la pass is located in which valley – Satluj Valley
  14. The largest inland waterways in the world is – Mississippi river
  15. The largest sea in the world is – South China sea
  16. State having largest coastline in India is –Gujarat
  17. Wardha, Wainganga, and Penganaga are the tributaries of – Godavari
  18. Ankleshwar and Navagoan are the two oil field in – Gujarat
  19. The largest volcano creator in the world is – Toba Indonesia
  20. Highest calorific value and surface shining is found in which kind of coal – Anthracite
  21. Which two regions are connected by Zozila pass – Leh and Srinagar
  22. Which element is majorly found in the basalt rocks – Silicon
  23. In India, Mangroves are extensively found in – Sunderbans
  24. Mahatma Gandhi hydroelectric project is on which river – Sharavati
  25. Network is situated on the bank of – Hudson river
  26. Outer most layer of sun is – Corona
  27. The highest mountain peak of India is – K2
  28. The longest mountain range in the world is – Andes
  29. Lakshadweep was produced by the – Reef Formation
  30. Hot dry local winds blowing in eastern side of the Alps mountain is known as – Foehn
  31. Summer solace in southern hemisphere occurs on – 22nd December
  32. Soil best for tea plantation is – Acidic soil
  33. Which river is known as river of sorrow – Kosi
  34. Which atmosphere layer reflects radio waves – Ionosphere
  35. The term used for soil free plantation is – Hydroponics
  36. Coast of Norway is an example of which type of coast – Fjord coast
  37. Imaginary lines connecting places of similar height on map are – Contour
  38. The Morden name of “Siam” – Thailand
  39. “Tin Bigha” corridor connects which two nations – India and Bangladesh
  40. Peso is the currency of – Mexico
  41. The type of soil best for cotton cultivation is – Black soil
  42. Synchronous salutes moves in which direction – West to East
  43. Turpentine oil is extracted from – Pine tree
  44. BT is related to which plant – Cotton
  45. Kanchenjunga National Park is located in – Sikkim
  46. Talcahr is famous for – Heavy Water plant
  47. The city known s the center of the manufacturing of penicillin – Pimpari
  48. Which organization composes topographic map of India – Survey of India
  49. Apatani tribal group is found in which state – Arunachal Pradesh
  50. Panna, the famous place in Madhya Pradesh is known for – Diamonds
  51. Duncan Passage is situated between – South Andaman and little Andaman
  52. ‘Indian Standard Meridian’ passes through the states of – UP, MP, Odisha, and AP
  53. Which Indian States shares boundaries with the maximum number of other States – UP
  54. The State with the largest area under wasteland is: – Jammu and Kashmir
  55. Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in – Myanmar
  56. What do you understand by the term ‘Doab’ – Land between two tributaries of a river
  57. Foothills of Himalayan ranges are – Siwalik Hills
  58. Nanda Devi peak forms a part of – Kumaon Himalayas
  59. What is the name of the highest summit of Nilgiri Hills – Doda-beta
  60. The Eastern Coast of India is known as – Coromandel coast
  61. The greatest biodiversity of plants and animals are found in which type of forest – Tropical moist forest
  62. In which ocean, the direction of the wind changes with the season – Indian Ocean
  63. The river known as Vridha ganga is – Godavari
  64. The largest island in Indian ocean is – Madagascar
  65. Which state has largest coal reserves in India – Jharkhand
  66. The Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet at – Nilgiri Hills
  67. The main difference between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats is – Continuity
  68. Which type of clouds are low-level clouds – Stratocumulus
  69. Which type of waves of earthquake that can travel through solid, liquid and gas is – Primary waves
  70. Which rocks are known as stratified rocks – Sedimentary rocks
  71. 10 Longitude is equal to – 4 minutes
  72. The second train in India ran between – Howrah and Hooghly in 1854
  73. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is in – Kolkata
  74. Ludhiana is situated at the bank of – Satluj
  75. In Bangladesh, Brahmaputra is called as – Jamuna
  76. The percentage of plain area in India is – 43%
  77. Earth is divided into how many longitudinal zones – 24 longitudinal zones
  78. The hottest planet in our solar system is – Venus
  79. The actual name of Dog Star, the brightest star outside our solar system is – Sirus
  80. The hottest star in the universe will appear – Blue
  81. Which state is the leading producer of silk – Karnataka
  82. Ukai dam is constructed over – Tapi river
  83. Rotational speed of moon is – 3680 kmph
  84. Chinook is the local wind in – Hot dry winds in the Rockies
  85. The movement of earth on its own axis is called – Rotation
  86. Indravati is a tributary of – Godavari
  87. India lies in ___________ part of the hemisphere – Northeastern
  88. Jarawa tribe is a native of which state/ UT – Andaman and Nicobar
  89. When a sheet of magma lies along the bedding plane is called – Sill
  90. Water from which barrage is supplied to the Indira Gandhi canal – Harika
  91. Which nation has largest livestock population in the world – India
  92. Diluvial forests are found in which area of India? – Sunderban
  93. The total approximate length of coastline of India is – 7600kms
  94. What kind of rock is dolomite – Sedimentary rocks
  95. The tropical grasslands are called – Savanah
  96. What fraction of land surface of earth is desert – 1/3
  97. Jania hills are in which state of India – Tamil Nadu
  98. Kashmir valley lies between which 2 valleys – Zaskar and Pir panjal
  99. Koyli oil refinery is located in – Gujarat
  100. The part of equatorial region suitable for the rubber plantation is – Malaysia


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