5 Qualities Every Woman Aspirant For Defence Services Must Possess

Defence services in India are one of the most prestigious services which every young man and woman yearn to be recommended for. With women candidates applying for the armed forces in progressive measures, the service has certainly brought about a positive attitude in our society. A massive change in the mindset of the people came when Indian Air force inducted the first batch of women pilots into its fighter squadron.

Also, Indian Army will soon allow women in combat roles, breaking yet another gender barrier. Defence is not only strengthening the borders of our country but also acting as a great leveler. Women are no less active than their counterparts in being a part of the national heroic services and contributing their bit towards the nation.

And the indispensable qualities that every woman aspirant must possess or develop to be a part of the prestigious armed forces are:

  1. Positive Thinking: The most necessary instinct not only to crack any exam but also to move forward in life as a winner is by being optimistic throughout. You transform into a motivational bag; inspiring while living because you know what it is to be out there fighting for not only your life but also for millions who might not even know you ever. When you step up and feel positive about what you are doing is for a greater good and for the soil all of us believe in. You take the best out of each situation because life is meant to live and grow rather than crib about it. It’s your attitude that is reflected throughout the tasks given to be performed and you increase your chances of being selected to serve your country.
  2. Confidence: A great man said, “Confidence doesn’t make you successful but it does give you the power to face all challenges” and an officer exhales confidence while being humble at the same time. You have to believe in yourself that you are right for this service and today you can do what you aspire to, with a silent call in your mind. Confidence makes us do things; we believed we never had the capacity to do. So you should weave confidence inside you, it’s a trait which can’t be ignored. 

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  3. Leadership: One who leads is never forgotten and when it comes to “Officer-like qualities” the ability to follow orders and lead, both are equally necessary. Following the chains of orders and being able to respond and reproduce them again in a different situation, is a rare quality. Leadership requires standing out in terms of qualities from others, being disciplined, having sharp skills and a great control over your emotions. Because you are the one who others will follow and all that goes wrong now goes in your bag and baggage.So better be aware and responsible about the same and become a true leader. Life gives chances to all to lead their fate but not all have the will to grab the fortune.What is certain is we all can for the least try to be leaders and develop such traits.indian army women
  4. Fitness: Mental and physical fitness are of utmost importance for these services. Defence services are challenging and very demanding. Without being mentally fit, you can’t survive the training because it requires all of your enduring capacity. And mental fitness refers to being stable and patient in all situations and having a winner spirit. In totality, an officer is a warrior dressed with sagely patience and wisdom in battlefield and day to day tasks. And women aspirants must have this idea in their minds beforehand that the training won’t be easy, only then can they pull themselves through.
  5. Easy Adaptability: All the aspirants need to be in full frame of healthy mind to easily adapt to all situations at any moment of time. You should be ready for surprises and thrill and try to intake them as a natural part of your services. You never know what awaits you; moreover, you can’t be fragile rather stay active and tough by all means to live a life of a soldier.

Good luck!

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