Case Study On SSB Interview By Dr. Cdr. Nk Natarajan

Recently a Girl candidate from Uttar Pradesh spoke to me at length about her SSB experience. She is not been following any of my products but took mu mobile number from the internet and contacted me. She got conferenced out twice and before her first attempt, she had taken coaching from one of the well-known coaching academies in Delhi. Her communication skills are very good and she was able to reason things logically. Prima facie, she was a good candidate.    


Her Story

According to her, she did well in all the three tests as usual and was not able to find a reason why she may have been rejected. Since he was called at the end during her command task and was given a high level task which she could complete, it may have been reasonable to assume that she performed well in the GTO task. But during interview she faced some issues. She was asked to describe one of her weaknesses that she may want to improve and her answer went like this, “I get upset when I face difficult situations and takes time to come back to normal. She was then asked to describe a situation that happened recently and her answer was, “I had to go for a bank exam on a Sunday but didn’t know the exact location and I requested my father but he refused”. She was asked, “How did you respond to the situation?” Her answer was, I got angry with my father and stopped talking to him for several days and finally went for the exam on my own using Mobile Navigator. The interviewing officer said, “You could have done this in the beginning itself, instead of asking your father to which she said, “Since he was at home he could have taken me for the exam but he didn’t help me so I got angry with him.

She was then asked one thing that her mother advices her to improve? She said, “My mother asks me to be humble as I have to take care of the family in the future? He went on to probe further and what perhaps emerged was that she does things that she feels is right. She is stubborn by nature and doesn’t bother about other’s feelings and her relationship at home itself was somewhat strained.


Firstly, when someone gets upset on facing difficult situations, it reflects upon liveliness and mental stamina of which liveliness is a core quality. Further when you are humble and it reflects on your relationship at home with parents, it is most likely to reflect with others too which indicate towards social adaptability which again is a core quality. She also happened to migrate out of her home for her graduation against her parent’s wish. While it is okay to have your own thinking on what is “right and wrong” it’s better pursued with the consent of family members and there comes the role of adaptability again where one could have used reasoning to convince instead of going on own track leaving behind the sentiments of her kith and kin.

While, it is not known how she performed in the psychological tests, the final outcome has been disastrous. This is where a mock interview before hand and a psychological test assessment could help such candidates.    


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