AFCAT 2 2017 Paper Analysis By Indus Academy

More than 1.5 lakh candidates appeared for Air Force Common Aptitude Test (AFCAT)  exam conducted by Indian Air Force across 62 centres nationwide  held for to fill up the vacancies in ofofficer forlying duty, Technical duty and Ground duty . AFCAT exam is conducted twice a year in which both Engineering and Non-Engineering graduates are eligible for officer entry.

While Candidates  aspiring for Ground duty and flying duty had to appear for The two hour duration AFCAT  paper consisting 100 questions consisting of English , quantitative aptitude , verbal and non verbal reasoning along with general knowledge; Engineering Graduates aspiring for Technical duty had to appear additionally for 45 minutes  EKT (Engineering knowledge Test) paper consisting of 50 questions .  Each question carried 3 marks , along with one-third  negative marking .

Analyzing the AFCAT Paper,  Chandigarh based  Indus academics UPSC Exam Expert Kunal Singh said – “With conventional pattern in mathematics and GK  followed by hiccups in English  and reasoning section, many aspirants found paper quite heterogeneous yet moderate and scoring  in nature  . we need to keep in mind that AFCAT is not conducted by UPSc hence toughness level stands nowhere in comparison to CDSE/NDA exams.


GK Section Analysis:

The Paper portrayed similar pattern as per the  trend of last 4 years. Clearly we found that  General knowledge questions were more “trivial, factual and memory based” instead of being “Current Affairs” which included facts on Grasslands ,capitals , organizations and reserves  which are commonly asked   questions in Sainik school /SSC entrance exams. In fact  GK section was a cakewalk for those who generally prepare for SSC or Territorial Army exams. It was quite disappointing to note that AIR FORCE board conducting recruitment for Air force officers hardly stressed on questions based on Indian Defence.”

English /Mathematics/reasoning Section:

“ English was comparatively  tough  with competitive vocabulary followed by moderate reasoning and Mathematics section. Proportion of unapproachable questions in English vocabulary sections  has increased than previous year. Although the Mathematics based questions were quite scoring few reasoning based questions were heterogeneous in nature which made them tough in nature. While few questions were standard ,few ones were completely unanswerable with the nature of facts being asked which gives a picture that Air force Board has tried to make it sure that no one scores 100 percent  which is deterrent for hard working  aspirants .“-

Some of the memory based GK questions as asked in AFCAT-II 2017 are:

  1. Lothal is located in which state? Ans: Gujarat (was in news recently)
  2. Rajia sultan the only woman ruler of Delhi was of which Dynasty?  Ans: Slave (Mamluk ) dynasty
  3. Whom of the following never become the chief of INC? Ans: Aruna asif Ali never became president of INC.
  4. Michael fereira plays which game? Ans: Billiards
  5. Jeev milkha singh is associated with which game? [ Ans: Sprint ]
  6. Cue & cannons are terms relayed to which game? Ans: Snooker
  7. Where is headquarter of unesco located? Ans: Paris
  8. Capital of Syria? ANS: Damascus  [ was frequently in news ]
  9. Oscar award 2016 was given to which movie? [ Spotlight ] (Not Revnant )
  10. Sahyadri is related with which mountain range? [ Ans: Western Ghats ]
  11. ICC cricketer of the year 2016 ? Ans: Ashwin
  12. Who was made Deputy PM in 1950? Ans: sardar Patel
  13. Who holds the position of chairman in Rajya sabha? Ans: Vice president
  14. Indian Navy has decommissioned which battleship tank. Ans: INS Viraat
  15. Sattriya nach is folk dance of which state? Ans: Assam
  16. Bishweshwar Nandi who was given Dronacharya Award in 2016 is associated with which game? Ans: Gymnastics
  17. How many players are arranged on a basketball court? Ans: five (7 more can be on bench)


AFCAT 2 2017 Expected cutoff:

As the questions were comparatively easier than AFCAT-I 2017 , we expect cutoff to be around 155 (+/- 5) for AFCAT –II 2017 .

Those candidates declared qualified in the AFCAT Exam will be called for further testing at one of the Air Force Selection Boards at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar, or Varanasi. Flying branch candidates can opt from Dehradun, Mysore and Varanasi.

 Only those who clear the AFCAT cut off marks determined by Indian Air Force will be called for SSB interviews. 

Regards :

Er. Kunal singh , Subject  Expert (UPSC Exams)




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