Recommended For Indian Military Academy In 5th Attempt

Hello aspirants! I’m Pranav Choudhary and I’ve got recommended for IMA-144th course from 17 SSB Bangalore in my 5th attempt.

I was keen on joining the armed forces since childhood as I was brought up in that environment and since a young age, I had decided that this is what I wanted to do in life. And so, as time came, I appeared for the NDA exam and cleared it all three times but got rejected all the three times. But these rejections did not stop me. After every rejection, my determination to join the armed forces kept increasing. I wrote down all the 3 experiences at the SSB and analyzed the places where I had to work hard like improving my writing speed and not being hesitant while answering the questions. In the 3 years at the Fergusson college, I kept working on the short comings. While in the final year, I cleared the CDSE 2 2016 but unfortunately, couldn’t attend the SSB interview as I had a backlog. I cleared the backlog and AFCAT 1 2017 and CDSE 1 2017.

I attended the AFCAT SSB at 2 AFSB Mysore on 3rd July 2017. This time I went with a fresh mind, but after the personal interview itself, I again realised that I had again not been myself while giving the answers and was very conscious about those and thus got rejected again.

After returning back from Mysore, I had 13 days remaining for the IMA SSB. In those 13 days, I completely relaxed my mind. I kept telling myself not to be hesitant and conscious about my answers.

On the next day after getting screened in at 17 SSB Bangalore, during the psyche tests for the first time I wrote whatever came to my mind without any hesitation and I enjoyed the tests. During the GTO 1, I didn’t speak much in the GD but whenever I spoke, I made sensible points. Same went with the GPE. Being a tall and well-built person, I was a good help to the group in the group obstacle race and we enjoyed during PGT and HGT as well. I spoke a good 3 minutes on pro Kabaddi league in the lecturette. I was asked to attend the interview in immediately after the GTO 1 so I attended it in the GTO dress itself. My interview went on for about 25 minutes in which I responded without hesitation. The interviewing officer asked me to tell him one mentally exhausting thing that I did in life to which I replied,” Sir, I have completed the bachelor’s in mathematics…that is the most mentally exhausting thing a person can ever imagine..” to which he had a good laugh.

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

On the next day during the command task, the GTO asked me what was the difference between the previous attempts and this attempt, to which I replied that in this attempt I was being completely myself. The GTO said,”This is the most common reason that I’ve ever heard, give me some good reason..” I smiled and replied, ” sir, this is my reason.”

The next day during the conference I was made to wait for 3-4 minutes before I was called in and was asked basic questions like how had I utilized my height in the SSB and how would I rate my performance. After about 2 minutes, I was out of the conference room. When the results were announced, as the officer announce chest number 11(my number), I went in a state of shock and tears rolled down from my eyes. The moment that I and my family and my friends were waiting for so long had finally come, I had got recommended.

ssb recommended candidate
Me after recommendation

Failures spare no one, then the one who keeps going even after those succeeds..!

Jai HInd!

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