10 SSB Interview Questions Asked To Catch A Liar

The personality of an aspirant in the SSB is analyzed using 3 techniques and these are matched to get the actual and genuine qualities of that candidate. The techniques are Psychology, GTO, and Interview, which aims at bringing the personality traits out by pen and paper methods, actions method and what candidate speaks. All are equally crucial and matter a lot at their place.

Talking about the Personal interview, it is a mutual conversation between a candidate and the interviewing officer to draw maximum qualitative matter from the candidate. There are certain ways used by the interviewing officer to bring the truth from the candidate and segregating the liars. So, here are 10 ways in which the IO checks for the lies in the conversation/ Interview.

10 SSB Interview Questions Asked To Catch A Liar

  1. Rapid fire – Rapid fire is the most common and the most targeted practice used by the Interviewing officer to bring out the truth. In this, the IO asks certain questions related to a specific topic. The candidate has to memorize the questions with its sequence and answer them, which makes them to speak out the truth and catching the lair.
  2. I am not interested in this, tell me something interesting thing about it – This is usually asked to bring more transparency in the statement of the candidates and make him to explain the statement in a more justified and clear way. When the candidate loses his moral from this response of the IO, he either gets puzzled or speaks out the truth.
  3. Probing/cross Questioning – The best way to bring out the truth behind any statement is to probe by a cross-questioning method, where the IO puts more question on the specific issue related to the candidate and checks whether the candidate is genuinely speaking the truth or just beating the bushes.
  4. Oh that’s common. How did you do that? – The IO supports the candidate that whatever he has done is right, which make the candidate frank and normal. These tactics make the candidates speak out each and everything in a truthful manner and helps in distinguishing the liars.
    Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)
  5. Oh Really? That was appreciable. How did you do that? – The appreciation always gives confidence to the candidate, and when it is from the side of an officer, especially IO, the candidates take it as a reward and explains truthfully whatever he has done.
  6. Speak about it for 5 minutes – The IO sometimes asks the candidate to speak out in on a specific thing for 5-10 minutes. Like speak about your friends for 5 minutes or speak about your family and teacher (school/ College) for 5 minutes. The candidate has to explain the thing in much elaborate form which makes him speak truth.
  7. Don’t hesitate. M like your Father/ consider me a good friend of yours – To make the candidate comfortable in sharing the truth with anything, the IO motivates him by making this statement. This brings the candidate more open and makes him share the actual scenario in front of the IO.
  8. Explain this thing with 5 Examples – Whenever a candidate says anything about himself, specifically, things related to the qualities, the IO asks for the Examples of it, which is very hard to commemorate and represent in front for him. And the most difficult thing is to relate and justify it, which brings out the truth in front of the IO.
  9. Asking the solution of any situation – When a candidate explain his qualities, the IO asks certain situation from the candidate and asks for the possible solution from candidate’s point of view or his way of dealing with the situation. This easily brings out whether the candidates has been speaking the truth or was lying.
  10. Everybody does that. it is not a big thing – Usually, when it comes to the negative qualities, like smoking, drinking etc, the IO asks such questions to bring out whether the candidate is an addict or not. This question helps in getting the candidate busted.

Conclusion – It is always advised to handle the interview in a smart manner and stay truthful because truthful statements always come with fluency and bring confidence. But don’t speak out unnecessary things, which you know are going to harm your performance in Interview. The above questions are for those, who try to bluff the selection penal. But remember, the officers in the panel are trained to test about 10-20 candidates daily. So be truthful and speak relevant things and stay to the point.

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