NDA 2 2017 Question Paper Analysis [Video]

Engineering Level Mathematics, Scoring science, Moderate Geography, English and Tough Current Affairs will keep cut off below 293 (out of total 900) for NDA-II 2017 paper conducted on 10th September 2017:- VIDEO ANALYSIS BY INDUS ACADEMICS

More than 2 lakh candidates brainstormed for NDA (National Defence Academy) examination conducted by the Union Public Service on Sunday. Exam is conducted in two slots where as  Paper-I consists of 120 Mathematics questions, Paper-II has 150 General studies questions including 50 questions on English section.

It is certainly a proud moment for Indus Academics where 63 out of 100 questions in GAT paper-II and 23 questions in mathematics directly match our class assignments and MCQ booklet. Also 19 questions in NDA paper were same as that in our All India Test series. KUDOS to the INDUS team for setting new benchmarks and raising the bar for all coaching academies. We would ensure that all motivated aspirants achieve their objective of an officer position in one of the best Armed Forces in the world – Indian Armed Forces.

Commenting on NDA-II 2017 paper, Indus Academics Mathematics expert, Moksh Goyal, said – “Paper-I that consisted of 120 mathematics question included easy, moderate as well as few lengthy questions on similar patterns with WBJEE, EAMCET, SCRA and IIT JEE MAIN EXAM but the key to success is all about selecting the easy and moderate questions with accuracy. Mathematics questions were distributed evenly across Algebra, Coordinate, Trigonometry and Calculus. While 41 Physics and Chemistry questions were fundamental and application oriented, which can be termed as high scoring, 18 questions in Geography were focused on Indian geography with few trivia on world geo facts, 16 History ones being conventional, followed by some dynamic as well as moderate 11 Biology questions.”


Indus ­Academics co-mentor, Nirbhay Kant Gargaya said- “Well, with 33 out of 100  Repeated questions  in General studies paper, 17 straight forward questions in  Geography followed by fairly easy English as well as 13 moderate questions in Modern History and Current affairs, NDA –II 2017 can be certainly termed as scoring one despite few questions being completely trivial as well as tough in nature. Certainly, NDA-II 2017 was more qualitative than previous NDA papers where many of the questions were picked from previous CDSE and Civil services paper which is not unexpected in papers conducted by UPSC.

One shift in the nature of question observed was that Polity and Economy questions were quite dynamic in nature and were asked in recent context.

TEAM INDUS ANALYSIS GIST: “With 23 repeated questions in Mathematics section, 14 in Physics, 7 in Chemistry, 5 in Geography, and 4 in History section, NDA EXAM 2017 can be termed as ‘reasonably moderate’ to ‘straight forward’ for serious NDA aspirants. Of course, candidates with science background will have an edge over non-science background aspirants. While few dynamic as well as static questions were challenging which is quite expected in UPSC exam, many  questions were found quite factual, repetitive, straight forward, conceptually efficient and approachable in nature which will let the cutoff  hover around 30% in various sections.”-  TEAM INDUS


 Expected cut-off for SSB call

 Section Number of questions to be correct (Tentative)  Expected Cut off (Marks)
English  24-26  18  (+/- 4)
 Mathematics  37-39 84 (+/-5)
 Total 283-292 (+/- 7)

The increasing charm for the NDA can be observed by increase in number of candidates appearing every time. NDA entrance is conducted by UPSC in April and August, twice a year. The examination is conducted by UPSC for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 140th Course, and for the 102st Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from July, 2018. A total of 400813 have registered for NDA-I Entrance exam with number of candidates increasing every year to fill total 410 vacancies in National Defence Academy and Naval Academy. These vacancies are further divided as 335 for National Defence Academy and 55 for Naval Academy. 

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