SSB Gurukul Best SSB Coaching Academy

‘SSB Gurukul’ was conceived with the intention of giving holistic training to Defence Aspirants. Gurukul concept refers to the ancient Indian methodology of nurturing young children to inculcate best moral traits and to succeed in their lives. Indian history is a witness of the great success of Gurukul system which had produced many successful leaders in the nation. In a typical Gurukul system, there will be one Guru and few Shishyas (Students). Shishyas follow every order of their Guru and in turn the Guru teaches them about life and how to succeed as a leader.

Concept of SSB Interview Training at SSB Gurukul

 Thus, SSB Gurukul is a temple of excellence where aspirants spend 24 hours of each day for 15 days with the ‘guru’ who is the author of bestselling book ‘SSB Interview – The Complete Guide’. Here the students are taken through every aspect of SSB and also an officer’s life in the armed forces. Yes, you have read it correctly – Guru of SSB Gurukul is none other than Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan. The facility includes separate hostels for boys and girls with attached bath/toilet, mess for dining, audio-visual room and complete GTO ground.
SSB Gurukul Best SSB Coaching Academy

Why SSB Gurukul is the Best SSB Coaching Academy

 SSB Gurukul is perhaps the best SSB coaching academy in India where there is full GTO ground with all the physical tasks available. The tasks are near replica of what is there in the SSBs and this makes training at SSB Gurukul a different experience altogether. The success rate of the Gurukul is high because the candidates stay in the Gurukul under the supervision of the Guru who channelizes their time and effort in the right way. Apart from providing all the relevant reading material the Gurukul provides wi-fi internet connectivity for students to access almost any information that may be needed and coach aspirants on spoken English, etiquettes and dining manners.
Adventure Activities at SSB Gurukul as Part of SSB Training In addition to imparting best coaching for SSB, the Gurukul also provides aspirants opportunities to take part in adventure sports such as Wall Climbing, Rappelling, Night trekking, Jungle camping etc. to orient the aspirants towards life in the armed forces. Thus, this is a unique institute which blends SSB coaching with providing exposure to life in the armed forces in general. Most importantly, the fees charged by this Gurukul is the least in the country for the quality of training, infrastructure and facilities provided.
Many candidates come and live in SSB Gurukul to take SSB coaching from all corners of India such as Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dehradun and many more cities. Here the Shishya does not learn how to crack SSB interview but he learns how to crack life by improving his leadership qualities naturally over a period of 15 days.

Concept and Setting up of SSB Gurukul

With a passion to nurture young and talented youth of India who want to server the country,Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan started one of the unique SSB coaching academy of India – SSB Gurukul. According to Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan most candidates fail in SSB because they are not aware of what is seen and how to project themself. The best way to inculcate OLQs in the aspirants is to put them through the complete SSB process, record their performance and provide constructive and positive feedback which is the primary method of coaching at SSB Gurukul. Availability of complete set of infrastructure including full GTO ground, recording facility and a high tech audio-visual facility helps in this process immensely.

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