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Why Youth Today Want To Get Into The Forces?

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In the recent years joining the defence forces has emerged as a very promising career amongst the youth. In fact it has become the favorite choice of many. The Gen-Next is going gaga over this career option and are leaving no stone unturned to become a part of the elite society of Fauj. Earlier while it was not so famous amongst the youth and was seen as a career option full of discipline and strictness, now everybody is drooling over and they are happy and excited to get the ragda, discipline, fronts rolls, maharaja and what not!

Let us see what has made Fauj a hit choice for our Gen-Next:

  1. The Adventure seekers: The youth today are adventure seekers, they are thrilled imagining a life full of travelling, meeting new people and visiting parts of the world which people only dream off. So now when the option of a certain life has taken a backseat, we are thrilled to get a life where bags are always packed for a get set go to places which you may never know! Fauj definitely offers an adventurous life full of uncertainties sometimes. The adventure sports you get to play in Fauj are something which civilian can only dream about.
  2. For us difficulty is the new cool: There was a dialogue of this sort in some hindi movie that ‘tragedy is the new cool’, but for our yo-yo Generation difficulty is the new cool. Fauj offers difficulty in a unique way, right from the training you get habitual to difficulties and crisis handling. Each step in the Fauji attire demands you to sort out different problems and unleashing the horses of your brain in order to sort out difficulties.
    Indian Army Officers
  3. Khatron ke Khiladi: Right from the camps in training, to sitting on the borders, flying the jet planes, to operating a submarine, there is danger everywhere. But the new Generation thinks that dealing with danger is fun all together and the mainstream career options are well too mainstream! (No offence please).
  4. The patriots that we are: Love for motherland is a strong force which has driven people towards the forces and compelled them to join the forces. The patriot within us has risen and we love India, our motherland more than anything. Hindustani naam humara hai, sabse pyara desh humara hai.
  5. The online Generation: We are the online generation. With the rise in social media and the internet revolution, we find ourselves more connected to the forces. From the tri services, to our PMO, everything is available on the internet now, which helps our new generation to connect in a better way with them. There are dedicated pages and websites which fill our youth with motivation to join Fauj.
  6. The bullet lovers: The new gen-next is the bullet lover. For bikes may come and bikes may go but Enfield will have a place of its own. Often we connect fauj with the bullet. Of course you can buy it as a civilian also, but the ‘Indian Army’ written on the number plate says it all. Right?
  7. Uniform: This is a major attraction, who doesn’t loves the uniform? Who doesn’t love the crisp combats, the olive greens, the sparkling white shine. We all do.
  8. Fitness freaks: Of course as a civilian also you are not stopped from keeping up your fitness level, yet the task is bit tough. In Fauj your day begins with PT and ends with games. You get a chance to play and work at the same time. Now who will want to miss this chance.
  9. Job Security: Ironically a job which offers you a life full of adventure, also offers you a job security which is first class. No institution can offer you job security better than the Indian Government.
  10. Every moment is full of life: In Fauj you never see a dull moment, there is activity going on all the time. The life you live being a Fauji is others can only dream of.
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