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Importance of Listening skills in a GD at SSB

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This is second in series where i would be discussing the essential qualities one need to show in GD (Group Discussion). As already told there might be many qualities that could be judged in a GD, so try to prove all in one go only.  Apart from good communication skills a person should be a good listener also as he should know what he has in him and what others want to say so that whole set of data could be collected and told to the whole group if conclusion is desired. Such a quality can be helpful in times when you don’t have much knowledge about the provided topic and you have to perform at a place. Assembling others point and mixing your own views on it can also help in getting success sometimes.

The following advantages a good listener would always get:
  • A good listener would always be accepted as a part of the group and unlike a person who always want to speak himself; a good listener has the power of accumulating points of group members.
  • This quality of accumulating can also help enrich the discussion
  • Also the group members may always feel that a person who listens other people should always be given chance, hence there is more probability of acceptance by the group and getting chance automatically.
  • It has already been mentioned that never go for quantity of speaking and then blame the system that you were not selected. Always go for the quality of matter that you add to the discussion and the knowledge building of the group. So look how can you add value rather than waiting for more number of turns.
  • If everyone waits for more number of turns then only the fish market situation arises in a GD. This needs to be avoided as it has been seen that in many such cases whole group can be rejected and it affects the performance of everyone.
    ssb group discussion

Remember to supplement your points with an example which can clear the understanding of group which may lead to your acceptance. This is why you are there to prove your worth. Imagine a similar situation when you will face as an officer where your group accepts your idea and you also provide opportunity to everyone for speaking their ideas based on their expertise.

The SSB is just the simulation of real life scenarios that might occur during the service.  Body language is very important and I would deal it in a separate article. Still if you feel the need of individualised assessment and mocks from your home itself through mentoring or you have a query bothering your mind which hinders your preparation drop me a mail at jayendrapsingh@gmail.comor add me on Fb and drop in a message. It would be a pleasure to help and resolve queries and clear doubts which are more often myths that are present in the place.
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Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Pratap Singh is an Alumnus of IIM Ranchi, specialized in Human Resource and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defense aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.
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