14 Items GCs Can’t Take Inside The Indian Military Academy

If you are going to join the Indian military academy and want to know what you can not carry inside the Indian military academy being a gentleman cadet, here is the official list of 14 items GCs can’t take inside the Indian military academy.

Candidates are forbidden to bring any of the following:-

14 Items GCs Can't Take Inside The Indian Military Academy

Forbidden Items

  1. Dogs or other pets.
  2. Cars, Motor Cycles and Bicycles.
  3. Air Gun, Pistols, Firearms and ammunition.
  4. Private Servants.
  5. Wines, spirits, liquors.
  6. Cigarettes or smoking material and intoxicating material (including drugs)
  7. Electrical appliances including refrigerator, heater and so on.
  8. Mobile Phone.
  9. Credit/Debit/ATM Card.
  10. Portable TV, DVD Player and MP4 Player.
  11. Laptop/Personal Computer/Computer accessories too including Hard Disc, Graphic Equaliser, ROM, RAM etc or such Computer Hardware items.
  12. Jewellery, Curios and other valuable of fancy items.
  13. Pornographic material.
  14. Medicines.

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