Top 8 Secrets To Do Well In The Situation Reaction Test

Often aspirants ask me questions with regard to Situation Reaction Test. In this blog let me answer some of these questions about Situation Reaction Test.


1. Can you just write your first reaction?

Even though the name of the test is ‘Situation Reaction Test’, you are expected to write your complete action.

2. How much is Complete?

Since the time available is very less this question is logical as to how much is complete. This is purely left to your judgment. But, one must at least write till the situation is taken to its logical end.

3. Is it Important to Complete all 60 Situations?

There is nothing hard and fast. But one must at least complete 45 situations. But remember, there is no guarantee that you will pass in the SSB if you do complete all the 60. Ultimately, it is the quality of your response that will matter. Read my book and watch my video to know what is a good quality response. 

4. Can we leave difficult ones?

Unlike WAT, in SRT a booklet is given to you with 60 situations. Hence, leaving any situation in between would mean you are consciously avoiding certain situations which may go against you.

5. Can the response to more than one situation be same?

Since there are15 OLQs and 60 situations, it logically means that there will be four situations for each OLQ. Thus it is possible that some of the reactions could be somewhat similar.

6. Can we write in point form?

You must do that to save time. If you go on to construct long sentences you will miss out many situations in the end. Thus, make small points. We are more interested in your responses and not English.

7. Can we leave in between and come back to it later?

You can but the drawback is if you forget to complete, it may reflect as if you have avoided situations. Further, you may jumble up the sequence and thus all your responses may become wrong.  

8. Will practice help?

Mechanically practicing SRT may not help. By reading the situation you must understand as to which of the OLQ or Factor is targeted. If you can pick that out, you can construct the correct response. I have always said, learn to project yourself correctly. Know the OLQs threadbare. Do not mug up reactions from books. It will land you up in trouble. Firstly, you will lose your originality and secondly, you may tend to jumble up responses.  

Very recently, one of the aspirants who was constantly in touch with me got screened out. He was not able to weave a good story and I explained to him that the story must reflect OLQs of the main character. He kept sending images and stories written by him. I could make out that his head is completely filled with synthetic stories given in several SSB Books. He was just not able to come out of it. After correcting more than 25 stories, he was gradually retraining his mind but there was not enough time left. He went to the SSB and after getting screened out he sent me his story and description of the image. The story was so synthetic that any assessor would have made out that it’s not his own story.

Therefore, I strongly urge you not to memorise stories and situations. Instead, understand the underlying principles. Follow any one author. Please do not ask me doubts based on someone else’s book. If you decide to watch my videos then please make that extra investment of Rs. 160/- and get my book too. You can’t have multiple gurus!!!


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