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15 Questions Only SSB Recommended Candidates Will Face

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Not all who clear the SSB interview,  join the academy for training. Many recommended candidates get merit out or medically unfit. These recommended candidates can apply again for SSB interview and have to follow the complete SSB interview procedure again. 

In your SSB interview, you might have seen some recommended candidates in your group who are merit out or could not join the academy due to some other reasons. These recommended candidates have to go through the same procedure like you and prove themselves again. Many people say that recommended candidates have upper hand then freshers and repeaters, which can be true or false, we will discuss this in our next article, in this article we are going to tell you 15 most common questions faced by recommended candidates in SSB. 


15 Questions Only SSB Recommended Candidates Will Face

  1.  Why didn’t you join the academy last time?
  2.  What was the reason for being medically unfit? 
  3.  What was the reason behind not making it in the merit list, what do you think?
  4.  Why didn’t you join the academy when you were fit and in the merit list? (For candidates who don’t join the academy even being in the merit list)
  5.  You got recommended for IAF/Army/Navy but why are you apply for IAF/Army/Navy this time, why not apply for the same service? (For candidates who get recommended for a different service and again apply for a different one)
  6.  What if you are declared medically unfit again?
  7.  What if you don’t make it in the merit list again?
  8.  How did you improve this time, what changes have you made in your SSB preparation to get in the merit list?
  9.  How did you make yourself medically fit?
  10.  What if you don’t get recommend this time?
  11.  Being a recommended candidate, who do you think is performing well in your group and why?
  12.  What was your reaction after knowing that you are merit out/medically unfit?
  13.  Do you think you will be recommended this time?
  14.  Compare your SSB performance this time v/s last time?
  15.  This time what different you did to make sure you make it in the merit list?

There could be more questions, so we ask all the recommended candidates to post them below in the comment section. 

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