The Importance of Physical Fitness in the SSB Interview

Why Physical fitness is important?

Physical fitness is just as important as mental skills for cracking SSB interview. Many SSB aspirants think that Physical fitness is not given much importance and so do not take heed of being healthy and fit. You need to understand that being an Armed Forces Officer demands physical as well as mental stamina.

Once you become an Officer, you will go through several situations that will test your fitness in so many ways. To see whether or not you are eligible to handle that kind of strain or stress, there are different rounds of tests carried out during SSB interview viz. GOR (Group Obstacle Race), IO (Individual Obstacles), PGT (Progressive Group Tasks), HGT (Half Group Task) and so on.

The purpose of the GTO round:

All of the above-mentioned tests are executed under GTO round and the main aim is to check your physical stamina, determination, and courage. As for group tasks, selectors will also check your team spirit and cooperativeness.

Now, for example consider Individual Obstacles test. Candidates will go through several sets of obstacles, each carrying different marks based on their difficulty level. You are expected to complete the task in the given time constraint.

More number of obstacles you overcome more will be the marks acquired by you. And so, to cross all the obstacles fearlessly, you ought to have a good physical fitness.

How to gain Physical Fitness?

Once you get call letter for SSB interview, you need to take out some time to build your physical fitness. 30 minutes of physical activity per day would be sufficient. It is recommended to do some total body workouts and primary exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, yoga, rope climbing, etc. These exercises will help you achieve a sense of balance, strengthen your shoulders/arms, encourage your optimistic behavior and also train you to lift your own weight capably. All of these aspects will then be very beneficial during GTO round.

Even if you are not able to win-over some obstacles, make sure you don’t give up too quickly. There are certain cases where aspirants did not cross some obstacles but got points because of the mere fact that they did not give up too quickly. This shows your determination, will power and optimistic approach. And so, always try out to give your 100% during these tests.

Lastly, Physical fitness is not the deciding factor for the SSB selection but is just a significant part of it. Moreover, Physical Stamina is one of the crucial qualities amongst so many other OLQs (Office Like Qualities), and naturally, you are expected to be legitimately fit. That does mean, you have a build a hardcore body or muscles. Rather, you just need to eat healthy, maintain a healthy lifestyle and workout regularly. Try not to lead a sedentary lifestyle and be active as much as you can.

Physical fitness also contributes and acts like a fuel to your mental health. If your body gets tired very easily, your mind will eventually lose its motivation and might give up as well. Which is why physical fitness is very important in the SSB interview.

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