Right Strategy To Crack The SSB Interview

Most Aspirants, prepare for SSB without a clear understanding of the assessment methodology followed in the SSB. This lands them in trouble where they become a borderline case and ultimately get rejected. Like for any competitive exams, it is very important that one make a strategy and prepare accordingly. In this blog, I am going to share the secret strategy of how to crack SSB.

As all of us know that there are three different techniques of assessment followed at the SSB namely the psychological test, the personal interview and GTO test and all the three carry equal weightage. Of this, out of experience, I can say that the interview technique is the easiest to crack and the second easiest is the psychological test series.

On an average 6-7 out of 10 candidates get cleared by the interviewing officer and about 4 – 5 candidates get cleared by the psychologist. However, in the GTO only 1-2 candidates get cleared out of 10 by the GTO. Why is this so?

In the personal interview the major portion of the interview questions are already known and in addition to that if a candidate has prepared GK and Current Affairs which most of them do it becomes very easy to sail through. In the psychological test once again the exact sequence and nature of test are well known to the aspirants. All it requires is a little bit of practice to improve speed and a review by a coach and it will become very easy to crack psychological test series. This leaves the GTO Test as the only black sheep where there are too many uncertainties. The biggest uncertainty is the nature of group members upon which your performance is heavily dependent. The second thing is the GD and Lecturette Topics which are very wide and unpredictable and can be anything. Hence, sometimes even best of candidates are unable to perform or under perform in GTO Tests.


Is it Necessary to Pass in All the Three Tests?

Most Aspirants think that it is necessary to clear all the three tests. However, the fact of the matter is that 80% of the candidates who are declared successful at SSB are cleared by two assessors and 10% cleared by all three and the remaining 10 are cleared by a single assessor. So it is important for assessors to know how this works. Of course the once cleared by all the three are the elites but they are only 10% of them. The vast majority are the once who clear in two of the three tests.

And now that you know that interview and the psychology are the easiest to clear, I strongly recommend you must focus on these two techniques. What is important to keep in mind is you should not be very bad in the third test that is GTO, you should at least be a borderliner to be safely in and if you follow my video and the technique explained in that and regularly read a newspaper, you will be able to manage this comfortably.

Though my videos are helping the aspirants immensely I have seen from the reviews on amazon.in and personal interaction with me and also through several success stories that my students have shared, they often asked me to review their SRTS TAT WAT and scheduled a Skype Interview. From this I could make out that they want a first- hand experience of the interview themselves and want to go through the psychological test within the time constraint and want it to be reviewed by an assessor, I have decided to put technology in place where aspirants can now book a schedule for personal interview and can get a set of psychological test which they can attempt and send it back for evaluation and feedback. However, these will be paid services. Hence, if an aspirant reads by book, follows my video and takes a first- hand experience of personal interview and psychological test series I am very confident that his or her chance of clearing in the SSB will be as high as 90%.

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