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Indian Air Force Officer’s Pay & Allowance

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indian air force officer payment
Time is not the same, now Indian defence provides an excellent and bright future to young men and women who dare to join forces. This post explains the payment and allowances applicable to an officer of Indian Air Force.

Even before you are Commissioned as an Air Force Officer you start earning a monthly stipend of Rs. 21,000/- during last one year of your training period at any of the Air Force Training Institutions.  

indian air force pilot

Pay / Allowances to Flying Officers

  1. Pay in Pay Band ( Common to all Branches ) – Rs 15,600 Per Month ( The officer will be placed in PB 3 – 15600-39100 )
  2. Grade Pay :- Rs 5400 PM
  3. Military Service Pay :- Rs 6000 PM
  4. Dearness Allowance @ 72 percent :- Rs 19440 PM
  5. Kit Maintenance Allowance :- Rs 500 PM
  6. Transport Allowance :- Rs 3200 + DA ( major cities) / 1600 + DA ( Other cities)
    • In addition the following allowances are admissible to the newly Commissioned Officers in Flying and Technical Branches  
  7. Flying Allowance @ Rs 11250 PM to Flying Branch Officers.
  8. Technical Allowance @ Rs 2500 PM to Technical Branch Officers.
Gross Monthly Emoluments: The first monthly pay package of Flying Officers in all the branches would be as under (This does not Include other allowances based on place of posting except Transport Allowance of major cities which is included).

Flying Branch Technical Branch Ground Duty Branch
Total Emoluments (in Rs) 63694/- 54944/- 52444/-

As you grow in rank and stature in the Air Force, your income and other entitlements also increase in harmony with your enhanced responsibilities.
All details may differ from the official information, please visit Indian Air Force official website for latest information.

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  1. The life one will be having far exceeds the monetary gains.
    But yeah, technical officers do get 2 years ante-date seniority, right?


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