SSB Interview Question: Tell 5 Major Changes Required In The Army To Make It Better

While in the SSB interview, you might be asked a question, something like this – “Please tell me what are the areas that the armed forces are lagging in?” or “What is holding back the army from development?” or “What is the downside of Indian army?” or “Tell me what changes are required in the Indian army?”

While there could be plenty of responses to this question, candidates would generally try to criticize the current functioning of the army saying reforms that they think could make the army a better place. It could be any suggestion ranging from abolishing the sahayak system to reducing the pensionable service requirements. Whatever the ideas may be, it is wrong to criticize an organization for which you are interviewing and in front of an officer from the same organization.

However, if you still have to say something, it is better to say what is publicly available information. We show you 5 such changes which you can say the army can bring for betterment:

  1. Modernization:

Many critical equipments in the army is being used for a long time. Signal and radar systems, artillery equipment, even the standard issue rifles for infantrymen needs upgradation. It is now a high time that the Indian army focus on modernization and push for the same.

  1. Need for experienced defence minister:

While we have experienced military generals who had led the army for their lifetime, they still have to function under a civil minister with no military experience whatsoever. The minister then would function as the Chief of Defence Staff eliminating special need for the CDS post. In Sam Manekshaw’s words – “I wonder whether those of our political masters who have been put in charge of the defence of the country can distinguish a mortar from a motor; a gun from a howitzer; a guerrilla from a gorilla, although a great many resemble the latter.”

  1. Need for a Special Forces command:

The army should have a special forces command wherein all the special forces function under it. Its sole reporting authority should be the Prime Minister which will enable the command to undertake any action swiftly and promptly. SFs like PARA, NSG, Marcos and Garuds would function under this command and any future incident like the Taj attacks could be addressed very swiftly.

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  1. Improving efficiency of National Cadet Corps:

NCC is today the biggest uniformed organization in the world. Serving officers and men help run it smoothly. The retired officers should be made the commanders of the NCC units. This will have 2 major benefits – the servicing officers and men could be utilized to hold appointments within the army and the retired officers could give in their 100% to the unit and the cadets. This will improve the efficiency of the functioning of NCC.

  1. Closing of military farms, RVC and postal services in peace areas:

Today, the RVC, military farms and postal services are mere ceremonial establishments in peace areas. They serve no real purpose when the rations are being encashed. Also, in a modern army, there is little need for RVC and postal services in the peace areas.


While being asked to you about the improvements that the army should bring in itself, be polite and answer in a way that does not sound like criticism. At the same time, give valid reasons for what changes you are proposing in the army, because reason clarifies everything.

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