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Personal InterviewQuestionsSSB Interview Questions With Answers 2024

SSB Interview Questions With Answers 2024

Why do you want to join the defense forces, if not defense other options, how did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the forces. Did you try for NDA, why not succeeded? Why not proper efforts were given?

SSB Personal Interview is a good chance for the candidate to create a good impression and shows the ability and dedication to join the force. Also, it’s very crucial so do not try to bluff if you don’t know how to bluff, and always be natural and relaxed because it will be very simple and to the point about your personal life, so try to know yourself better and also know people around you. Always prepare for the Personal Interview before attending SSB Interview because you know the type of question generally asked by the IO. Below are few questions which you may face during your SSB Interview. If you have any doubt please mention them in the comment box.

Always prepare for the PI before attending SSB Interview because you know the type of question generally asked by the IO. Below are few questions which you may face during your SSB Interview. If you have any doubt please mention them in the comment box.

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Question In SSB Personal Interviews:

  1. What is your name, meaning of your name, meaning of other member’s names in your family, compare yourself with them, name of place you come from, currently what are you doing?
  2. Family: How many members, since when living at the same place, description and sort of relationship with each member, closer to whom, why closer, whom you admire. Compare yourself with any of your brother/s or sister/s. If alone what would you prefer to have an elder/younger brother/sister? Occupation of working members in the family, if you are working what is your job profile, salary etc.
  3. Education: Institution where you had your education, since when, any achievements, any responsible post held during your education at the institution, represented institution at what levels, subjects you liked most and those you did not like at all, why, teachers you liked most and those which you did not like at all, why (here include the teacher and subject till all these years of education and not only school), name and specialty of institution where studied and a brief description about it namely its location, crowd, cultural and other heritages it carries. What are you currently doing ,what are further options (if not army),why, Why ARMY, since when liked army?
  4. Friends: What type of friends you like, what type you do not like, where have you gone and where would you like to go with your friends, why are these people your friends, describe your best friend, compare him with you (appearance ,height, texture, thinking, something common in both of you), their hobbies and interests,their way of living life and what do they want to achieve in life.
  5. Why do you want to join the defense forces, if not defense other options, how did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the forces. Did you try for NDA, why not succeeded? Why not proper efforts were given?
  6. Your hobbies and interests, how do you pass your time, which task did you find most interesting in psyche and GTO series, which books have you read, why did you not score well enough in 12th as you scored in 10th , NCC knowledge, Scouts, RSP, MCC, etc., knowledge.
  7. Your life in college, any memories, what is the difference between your friends at Pune and SSB center .If given chance what would you like to change in Pune ( Geographical, economical, agricultural, tourism, traffic etc.) Compare your hometown and hometown friends with friends in Pune and Pune as a place itself. Have you ever come before to the SSB centre previously. Which places did you visit at the SSB place
  8. Give 5 current national and international political news.
  9. Give 5 current national and international sports news.
  10. Some international matters, international organizations, their working procedure and a good knowledge of your specialized subject.
  11. How would you organize a football match /hike/cycle race/ local festival /trek/swimming competition.
  12. Why were you weak in some specified sphere, how did you cope up with it.
  13. Have you taken coaching, why, what sort of?

Tips on how to answer in SSB Personal Interview

  • Give examples for any incidences that you are going to explain.
  • Speak in relevance to your Self-Description test and PIQ and do not give fakes.
  • Speaking is an art, whatever you speak give proper punctuations, gestures and emotions as necessary in your speech.
  • Speak clearly and maintain an eye contact.
  • Hesitation at the time of answering will cause a bad impression, never tell lies and give a full explanation of your family, friends, education, current life, future scope, and with an example for each.

Types of SSB Interview Questions

Personal Experience and Background

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Describe a challenging situation you faced and how you overcame it.
  4. What motivates you to join the Indian Armed Forces?
  5. Discuss any leadership experience you have.

Educational Background

  1. Why did you choose your particular field of study?
  2. What subjects did you excel in and why?
  3. Describe a project or assignment that you found particularly challenging.

Family Background

  1. Tell us about your family.
  2. How does your family feel about you joining the military?
  3. What values have you learned from your family?

General Awareness and Current Affairs

  1. What are the major challenges facing India today?
  2. Discuss a recent news event that caught your attention.
  3. Who is your role model, and why?
  4. What are your views on India’s defense policy?

Military Knowledge

  1. Why do you want to join this particular branch of the Indian Armed Forces?
  2. Can you name the current Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Navy, and Air Force?
  3. What do you know about the Indo-Pak wars?
  4. Describe the significance of the Siachen Glacier to India.

Psychological Traits

  1. How do you handle stress and pressure?
  2. Are you a team player? Give examples.
  3. What are your hobbies and interests?
  4. How do you plan and organize your tasks?

Situational Questions

  1. If you noticed a fellow cadet cheating during an exam, what would you do?
  2. Imagine you are the leader of a team on a mission and you have to make a quick decision. What is your process?
  3. How would you motivate a demoralized team?

Ethics and Values

  1. What does integrity mean to you?
  2. How important is discipline in your life?
  3. Discuss an ethical dilemma you have faced and how you resolved it.

Future Plans and Goals

  1. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  2. What are your long-term career aspirations?
  3. How do you plan to contribute to the Armed Forces?

Technical Knowledge (if applicable)

  1. Discuss how your technical skills can benefit the Armed Forces.
  2. Explain a technical concept or project you worked on.

Physical Fitness and Sports

  1. What physical activities or sports do you participate in?
  2. How do you maintain your physical fitness?


  1. What books have you read recently?
  2. How do you keep yourself updated with current affairs?
  3. What has been your most significant achievement so far?
  4. How do you deal with failure?

Specific to the Armed Forces

  1. What is the role of the Armed Forces in a country like India?
  2. How do you think the Armed Forces contribute to nation-building?
  3. What is your understanding of life in the Armed Forces?
  4. Are you prepared for the challenges of military life, including postings in remote areas?

Critical Thinking and Opinion

  1. What are your thoughts on the use of technology in modern warfare?
  2. How should India address its border disputes with neighboring countries?
  3. What measures would you suggest to improve national security?


  1. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?
  2. Describe a moment that significantly changed your perspective on life.
  3. What does serving in the Armed Forces mean to you personally?

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The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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  1. I am first time attenting the SSB interview in bhopal .how to prepare for that .what.are the.question and interview process .how expose everything .plz rply .next month going to going with in that i have to prepare soon

  2. Sir, should we use only English or we can also use Hindi? as these kind of question should be answered in a proper way or complete manner.

  3. sir can a commerce students come for ssb interview in ncc spcial entry? and how? and ssb interview training centers are available in mumbai? please give your feedback………


  5. Sir, I m going for service entry and I was 2 times conference out. Can I replied IO that I have not performed well in GTO last time bcoz I was in repeater batch and was not able to give my ideas during PGT and so on. . . I found my voice was little bit mild, this time more confident and will give my ideas with more confidence.

  6. Thanx admin for this important and quite interesting blog..
    in my ssb i came through some question kinda censored…i.e
    1.asking me abt the relationship with the girlfriend
    2.do u watch po*n
    what should be the answer 2 these qns…please sir reply

  7. hello sir i m going for my UES interview…….last time IO gave me same situation in PI and in confrence……bt i changed my answer in confrence……so cn u tell me what may be the reason they asked me same question….was there chance of selection ?i aslo want to tell u that IO questioned me from PIQ form for only 10 min and then asked me situation after my answer my interview was over and then in conference he asked me same situation…PLZ HELP ME SIR

  8. Dear Sir,

    After going through this post, i felt like the most important parts in an Interview is
    A. Knowing about yourself
    B. Introspecting you previous mistakes(If a Repeater)
    C. Telling the truth
    D. Knowing about current events.

    1.My Question is if you have analyzed yourself and tell truth about the questions being asked, will there be a yes from the I.O side.
    2. How much does knowing about current events matter, though i have heard people saying it don’t matter much but have also seen candidates who come out stating that questions pertaining to only G.K was asked and they couldn’t answer all properly.

    So just got a bit confused about G.K and thought to clear my doubts with you.

    Waiting for your reply.


  9. @admin if io would ask me why have u scored so less in your graduation??reason is because i became alchoholic and more careless was got into bad company……can i answer it or should i support my bad performance with my extra curricular activities???

  10. Dear Admin thank you for giving such valuable suggestions. Further i want to say in my first attempt after my psych. Test ,gto test and PI, i was again interviewed by the pshycologist and she asked me what stories i had written and also took my response on certain wat words. I want to know why it happened so, was i border line case why?

  11. Dear admin,
    I my first attempt ,after my pschy. Test and gto test and before the conference, i was interviewed by the psychologist and she asked me to tell her what stories i had written and to give reponses for , certain WAT words . I want to know was i border line case and why this interview was taken

  12. Dear Mr Admin,
    You are doing an excellent job by helping out desirous candidates to face SSB. Hats off to you!!
    I have few questions, please answer them.
    1) I have attended AFSB, & now I have got SSB for Army. There will be definite question on change in my preference, how should I answer them? I just wanted to join Defence,but this will be very weird answer. Please suggest.
    2) Is there any means by which I can know my performance In SSB interview? I mean can I ask the IO about my positive & negative aspects at the end of interview?
    3) when the IO asks any questions at the end, what should I ask?

  13. Dear Sir
    I have a doubt regarding the WAT
    If i compose a sentence with a word given and the others word of that sentence are coming up later so cane i repeat the sentence.
    sucess- hard work leads to sucess

    but what if the next words are like work, hard etc. can i repeat the same sentence again??

  14. Hello Sir,
    Greetings Sir, I have a confusion of what to answer in the question “If Not army, what?”.
    I am going to attend the interview on oct 17 in Bangalore. So how can I prepare from day to day now onwards?
    Please guide me Sir.

    With regards and Thanks,
    T. Arulkumar

  15. i have attended ta officer grade exame expectin call letter what are the certificates needed from me and iam working in a private organization what are the documents needed from my office at the time of interview, and what about police verification.

  16. hello admin……
    my name is ankush bhatt. i faced 4 confrances of indian airforce in varanasi for flying pilot and 3 fsb of indian coast guard in noida. aout of my 7 ssb’s 4 time i wait for 5to 6 mint outsida the confrance hall. mostly my interveiws last for about 1 hour.once in varanasi board my gto officer recognised me and that was my 2nd attemt and the duration between my 1st and 2nd attemt was 1.5 year. in that attemt my io also gives wishes me that i wish u will be selected this time. pls help me in all the above mention issues and also find the reason where i m lacking out becoze i m not getting the reason why i m not selected while all thing are going well in my interveiw. pls reply to my post and u can also mail me my mail id id [email protected] reply soon i m desperately waiting for ur answer………

    • It could be anything, just keep improving in every thing, may be you are a border line case. Just analyse your performance and keep on working on them. Keep trying is the only solution.

    • it may be that u r a border line case.in conference,one of the officer said to my friend that ok gentlemen u get recommended but he was not recommend.when the officer came to declare the result,after declaration he asked that sir u said to me that i got recommended.officer said we were checking ur reaction only.so hard work.surely u will get recommend one day

  17. sir,they askd me why i want to join the defence services,i said becoz i want to serve my nation in a direct manner,as it ws the only reason y i want to join d defence services,bt answer looks like as if i hv read it frm smwhere becoz IO didnt seemd to be convinced by dis answer,so what shud i say

  18. hello sir!
    its my first ever ssb and i m very much nervous only about the screening part only….can u suggest me what can i do toovercome this coz i’ve been preparing for the screening by taking reasoning exams of myself….

  19. Sir,
    on dis 30th m having my 6th ssb (& 2nd of Navy)….Sir dis question is always asked to me evry time…dt abt the priority of joining d defence forces….i’d lik to mention u dt my preference is :Navy dn airforce & last Army.
    In PI they always asks why Army is on the last???
    even i dnt knw d real ans…i always prefer navy coz i m mch more attracted to it since my 1st ssb is also of navy….bt dnt knw d reason why army is last (also i was screened out in army allahabd)….may b i thought dt dis may b the reason fr its priority….please help me out sir….!!

    • just work on your grammar and vocab section.
      make a habbit of speaking english with your brother or sister.
      do not feel ashame whether you are speaking wrong.
      good luck

  20. sir,
    dis question of mine is related to d psychology test which we used to give d very 1st mrng of our arrival….in d WAT, if we dnt able to write d sentence out of d wrd shwn may b bcoz we dnt knw d meaning as it smtimes hpnd to me befre…what shall it cnvey???
    is it gives a -ve or a +ve impact??
    another question….abt Self Description…is it better to write it in points or in paragraphs….if writing in points hw mch points we shall write under each heading like Strengts, weaknesses…

    • You can leave the WAT if you do not know the meaning , instead of writing something wrong better leave it.

      You are suppose to write self description in a paragraph not in points.

  21. Hello sir.
    They asked me that have you contributed something for the society? But i have not contributed or the society then what to say?? sir plz help me out this my last chance then my age limit is over.And sir plz tell that i am 1988 born can i fill any other form in defense as an officer?

  22. dear admin sir,
    dis is my 1st visit to dis site…& i m grateful to u fr ur such great efforts twrds our improvements to crack ssb..
    sir i need sm suggestions from u as i already given 5 ssb’s before & on 30th may 12.. i hav my nxt ssb of navy…
    after analyzing myself…i found dt..in PI i alwys hesitate in speaking in english..i always lacked d fluency req…n bcoz of which my confidence level alwys goes dwn & i try to play defensive in a PI..is it better fr me dt i jst gv d PI in hindi only…or jst ask d interviewer fr d permission to speak in hindi…
    as such i dnt hv any prob in eng bt lack of confidence in speaking in eng makes me move onto the defensiv side…
    so kindly suggest smthing fr me on dis issue sir!!

    • Hi

      Please do not speak in Hindi , but you can use it in between if required.

      Please improve your communications skills, try to speak with your friends or just speak to yourself in front of mirror.

      Never show that you are hiding something in PI.

      Please check this post : How to Face PI ??

  23. sir, when the IO asks to give the alternate choice of career if no defence forces then keeping an alternative for career is good or not? i mean if i say if not army then i’ll go for Central Police Forces then will it be fine?

  24. I’ll be going for my 3rd attempt this time, in first attempt i was screened out & in second one i was conference out. i noticed one thing in the PI that i was quite nervous and because of this i answered some GK questions wrong even though i knew the correct answer i even admitted this in conference.. should i say this if IO asks me about my drawbacks in last ssb?

    • hi mam.i am a beginner and i had cleared afcat recently and am yet to take ssb..i wish to seek someone’s guidance on this .would you please help me out..?

    • i have improved sir… the main reason behind nervousness was lack of knowledge about self that made me confused.. reading this article clarified all my doubts.. than you sir. 🙂

    • i have improved sir… the main reason behind nervousness was lack of knowledge about self that made me confused.. reading this article clarified all my doubts.. Thank* you sir. 🙂

  25. sir ,my reporting at Allahabad is at 0600 hours on 8th April and i dint know the schedule of the 5 day process ,so can u pls tell me the schedule of 1 ,2,..till 5th day.

  26. dear admin like i am 4 time repeater and if IO ask me that why you want to join IAF since last time you appear for army and navy also so why this type of fluctuation in choosing a particular.
    sir how to give this type of questions answer.

  27. sir my real age is 21 but in certificate it is 19 so last time when i attended ssb , IO only asking me same question that you are only 17 yr old and persuing btech 2nd yr how it come possible ,i truly answered him about my age problem after knowing this he was not looking happy and further didn’t take interset in asking questions. now sir if my certificate is 19 so thats not fault this not done by me dis was done by my uncle during the addmission in 10. so sir if i went to ssb next time and IO ask me same question how i answer perfectly how can i convince him. plz sir solve my this problem plz.

  28. gud morning sir……{‘.’}
    sir nw i m in 12th ‘sci’….can u plz tell me,How much Percentage of marks are required in 12th in order to join in NDA?

  29. sir ,
    what if i don’t receive my ssb call letter army tes,can i go for ssb without call letter b’cos we don’t have any online call letter for army tes , like we have for navy 10+2 btech entry

  30. first of all,thank you sir, for the timely reply. I have benefited a lot from this website.
    also i want to ask that
    if IO asks that ,why is so and so Ur best friend ?
    then can i say that b’cos he always helps me in any difficult work ,and he is always there when i am in a problem ,he is always motivating

  31. sir i was asked a question that “how would u rate/priortise ur SSB interview procedure, i.e., psyche test, GTO and Personal interview?”
    is it right to judge i.e., to give priority???

  32. i am a reapeter…..what if i wil tell myself as fresher…do they check my previous attempts???bt bcoz how can dey keep tracks of so many ppl…..i dont think dey hav a database…??

  33. sir if IO asks that
    1.did u fight with your sister ?
    2.do u get scolding from Ur mother ?
    then what he wants to know from u and how to tackle these questions.
    pls reply soon .

  34. @ADMIN

    Sir, First of all, thank you very much for this website. It is a mine knowledge, from which anyone can openly take whatever he/she wants that too free of charge. I appreciate your contribution in helping candidates in joining forces. I thank you also for sparing your time for guiding everyone and sharing your knowledge.

  35. @ADMIN:- sir I am having 76.80% marks in 10th and 67.00% in 12th
    i was asked the reason for this downfall in SSB interview at dehradun.
    Sir what could be a better answer for this question.
    What explanations should be given.

  36. @admin sir i hve gt vry less perctage of marks in frst 2 yr of grduatn as compared to 12th. bcz frst i was planning to do b.tch thn due to sme reasns…. i coldnt. in the frst year i was preparng fr engg so coldnt focus on college studies . nd in second year i ws mre focused towards m part tym job due to financial prblm .
    i was also focused towards n.c.c

  37. sir since i was preparing for my entrance exam i completely forgot about nda and didn’t apply for it…can i say this when asked whether i tried for nda???

  38. @all

    Do not freak out in PI , its the most simplest thing in SSB but matters alot in your selection .
    Be normal and answer whatever asked to you, try not to bluff 🙂

  39. Sir , also want to know, i am 2011 pass out , completed B.tech, i want to know how much a job is important for a SSB interview because till now i did not join any job. i have attempted 3 times SSB after my B.TECH …what to write in teacher/boss opinion and when the interviewer ask few question on the same… plzzz reply .. i am eagerly waiting …

  40. Hello admin… its a wonderful post , this will surely him me a lot, i want know regarding interview that what is generally the FIRST question that is being asked by the interviewer to a candidate. plz tell me the a guess or normal order of question ??? plzzzz reply me….. eagerly waiting…

  41. Hi Everyone there,

    Can anyone share me NCC Related questions as i forget all….eg:footsteps/sec in quick march and ……..and all type of salami shastra and more about contribution of NCC to nation and how it makes person differ from civilian candidate……….These type of questions.

    @Admin-Can you please help me on this?

  42. respected sir, what is the reason for repeaters to get selected in 2nd or 3rd attempt………as i saw 95percent selection are of repeaters.freshers are not recommended easily……and is there any issue for not being an NCC cadet during schools or college times…….

  43. @admin sir all these questions were asked when i was a fresher now am goin for the 2nd time are these questions be asked by a repeater or some more questions can be asked .. please guide me sir by givin some examples lik what do they expect from a repeater .. what type of questions can be asked..

  44. I don’t know your name but here people are addressing you as Admin..You are really doing a great job sharing your knowledge and expertise with others who have fire in their bellies for the Indian Defence Sector.

    Thank you for providing wonderful insights on Projection Techniques.
    Looking forward to a good time with you.

    Shashank Mishra

  45. I have received the call letter to attend the ssb interview for induction into the 10+2 BTECH-JAN2012 course of the Indian Naval Academy.I am required to report at INS Agrani on 20th October.I know that swimming is compulsory for a trainee at the Indian Naval Academy. Is it compulsory for me to know swimming before the ssb interview or can I learn swimming before joining the naval academy,if selected?

  46. @Naween

    Yes it depends on type of commission , your educational qualifications , number of courses you have completed successfully and many more things.

  47. @ admin thats right sir , sir which officer is prefered in promotion or any other events one who entered through NDA or any other . so , is it any thing that differs among offficers in terms of seniority.

  48. thanx sir!!! 8-} work
    sir can we say ‘I did’t aply for NDA because i wanted to peruse btech and now i would like serve the country in defence as a technical staff’
    please respond .

  49. sir
    which is the best way to answer these questions. answer of questions like why you wanna join army includes some points that may goes aginst us.so what shoud i do?

  50. @Maninder Singh Gill

    PGT is all about giving idea and applying it effectively .

    When others shout you try to make them calm and tell them to apply every bodies idea one by one, also you think of your own idea show them how to do. GTO is judging you so he should see you working in the group and coming out with good ideas..Fools just yell but clever thinks and do…

    Snake race is a group task like other, but its a kind of war situation, so what are you suppose to do in war time ??? help other members to pass the obstacles ..that’s it 🙂

  51. @Admin in my previous ssb, during the PGT all the members were just speaking of their own and nobody was listening to other. in that situation what should we do? like we should also have to speak without listening the others? and whats being judged in snake race? plz reply thanks…

  52. @Shery what ever the questioned mentioned above are sufficient, IO may ask any thing and that depends on the IO only so just try to get the details about you , your family and friend is sufficient.

    And the questions are not difficult its common but you should respond to them wisely after thinking.

  53. @Admin: As requested earlier by me, plz give me some instance of some easy looking but tricky questions asked during the interview and also tell me how to tackle them…I have ssb coming up shortly, plz help me out..

  54. @Shery What matters is your present performance, if you do up to the mark then there is no question of comparing past performance …also it doesn’t matter at that time.

  55. @Admin: It is generally said that the assessors match the present performance with the previous one for a repeater..So i wanted to know if they possess the old records of a candidate’s performance..

  56. @Shery..

    If you are getting recommend then obviously you have done better than your last performance…

    If your not getting recommend then there is no question about your previous performance.

  57. @Shrey

    Daily routine is to know what you do most of the time and in free time specially, how you utilize it and all similar stuff, pocket money is also same, like where do you spend .

    Such question are just to know about your personal life so just face it in a normal manner .

  58. @Shery its like blaming others .. and you may be correct but you can’t say that I mean its like blaming others for your failure.

    There is a way to say the same thing…you could say that there were no proper planning in the group member earlier so we were not performing well in GTO series, but this time I had a proper planning with my group members and we you to talk in the free time regarding to know each others strength and weaknesses..and you can add many more things.

  59. @admin: My batchmates were trying too many things during PGT. 10 ppl n 100 ideas n things were just messing up. Do you think it will be a bad idea to say this to the IO?

  60. @Awdesh

    Do not think that your 7 attempts are obstacles for you, I would say you have more chance because you have faced it many times. You will be asked about ” How do you analyse your past performances.

    In other words they want to know how can you judge you past performance, one who can judge his own performance can improve.

    When ever you are asked about you past performance never feel sad, keep smiling and show that you still have the courage and determination to face the challenge and tell them where are you lacking and how did you practice to improve your weaknesses .

  61. @ Awdesh

    First of all do not think that repeaters are not considered equally as Fresher, apparently repeaters have more chance.

    They will ask you about your opinion regarding your past performance, they just want to see whether or not you have the capability to judge your self and your performance in the past attempts.

    So just think about your performance and tell them where you were lacking earlier and what sort of measures you have taken to perform better in future.

    Always accept your earlier drawbacks and try to work on them, yes you have more chance to get recommend if you have analysed what you need to do…All the best 🙂

  62. @Raghuveer…

    There is no diff in SSB , yes as you have mentioned what kind of questions will come for NCC entry ??

    So they may ask you anything about NCC …rest will be the same level of questions..

  63. @Gajendra.. seniority will be same for same entry type… You are free to attend any SSB now so what kind of question is this??? and nothing happens when you switch your training academy.. you will face the changes not the academy people. Yes its good to join your first choice if your getting chance 🙂

  64. @Admin..thnx a lot sir…i was expecting this…the next time i wouldn’t say that i hate a particular teacher of mine..!! Can u plz tell me some tricky questions asked by the assessor and how to tackle them..

  65. @Admin sir/madam i have certain query plz do reply
    Q1: what is the seniority advantage for techies in SSC…like for TGC N UES its two years….
    Q2.do they permit to attend ssb of other forces like NAVY OR IAF….
    Q3 .what Happens when you switch from army to navy or air force during the course of your training…

  66. @Shrey They just want to see how was your behavior with your teachers and mentors. Never say that you hate someone just because that teacher scolded you or for any other reason… because again you will be going through tough training and again your bad and negative thinking about your trainers and mentors will come up there.. So they do not want that thing. .

  67. @Niraj

    All the question except the last one is just to check your behavior in the family and society, I guess its sounds a normal question but you should answer then wisely.

    Regarding sport questions , you should prepare at least something in detail . 🙂

  68. Few more difficult questions which I faced sir..
    When did u had a fight last time?
    When did u had argument with ur father,mother or sister?
    when did u cry last time?
    When did u fought ur sister last time?
    when did ur teacher scolded u last time?
    Did u ever bunk?when?why?
    and he went in deep about my favourite sports like size of ground and size of ball and current affairs on football.

  69. Sir what point of view is in this Ques.
    Q. Have you taken coaching, why, what sort of?

    and How one should ans it ?

    My two friendzz, gave different ans to this,
    One who said “no” was selected,
    and other one whose ans was “YES”,was rejected.

    Do u think there any Logic behind this all??

    Please help me for this……

    • nope….the qualities u show at ssb matters ……..there is no point of coaching …..ther is a guy i know who said ghe has taken coachong and got recommended

  70. @Priyanka

    You have to speak in English only but if you think is you want to say something in Hindi because you can express it much clearly then go for it, but mostly speak in English.


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