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Hi Readers and followers,

This is an opportunity for our readers and followers including defence aspirants of various competitive exams to work with SSBCrack. We are offering you a golden opportunity to contribute your knowledge and skills with SSBCrack’s readers and students. Now you can just work from home and earn while you learn.

Role: Online Tutor    Type: Part-time

  • For candidates with teaching experience in Maths, English, GK, Aptitude etc
  • Knowledge of whiteboard presentation, graphics pen, and screen recording software etc.
  • Impressive presentation skills
  • Knowledge of core subjects
  • What all you can contribute
    • Maths Lectures for competitive exams
    • English Lectures for competitive exams
    • GK lectures for competitive exams
    • Quantitive Aptitude lectures for competitive exams
    • History/Geo/Civics/Politics etc lectures of competitive exams

Role: Content Creator    Type: Part-time

  • Impressive writing and presentation skills
  • What all you can contribute
    1. English Grammar
    2. English Practice Sets
    3. General Awareness
    4. Defence Awareness Editorial Articles/Quizzes
    5. Static GK Tricks/Articles
    6. Reasoning Ability Tricks/Articles
    8. Quantitative Aptitude/Military Aptitude/ Spatial Ability
    9. History/General Science & Others
    10. 10-12th Level Maths
    11. Defence Notifications and updates

Role: Video Editor    Type: Part-time

  • For student aspirants only
  • Good experience in video editing
  • Can create educational videos out of texts, images, audio etc.
  • Knowledge of different video editing software.

Role: YouTube Host    Type: Part-time  

  • For student aspirants only
  • Good experience in video editing software
  • Good voice
  • Impressive communication and presentation skills

The job is “Work at Home”Payment Mode: Online Transfer (Monthly)

Payment: As per market standards/ Per article / Per lecture

We are looking for hardworking, dedicated and regular writers for the above-mentioned subjects/skills.

To Apply Follow the Rules:

  1. Write a sample article on any one topic.
  2. If you are applying for an online tutor job, record a lecture video
  3. The content should be plagiarism free.
  4. E-mail your write-ups to crackssb@gmail.com.
  5. The shortlisted will get a confirmation email along with the company norms and policies.

Note: Articles which are submitted just for the sake of it and not with proper writing and presentation skills are rejected.