February 19, 2013

Picture Perception & Discussion Test PPDT

ppdt in ssb interview
PPDT or Picture perception and discussion test is one of the two tests conducted in stage one testing of SSB interview, the another one is officer intelligence test. Officer intelligence test consist of written test in verbal and non-verbal questions which is very easy and do not count much for screening, but PPDT plays an important role in screening.

Now we will discuss about PPDT, what is PPDT and how to write and speak during PPDT. This would help freshers who certainly miss or get confuse during PPDT story writing, narration and group discussion.

What is Officers' Intelligence Rating Test

What is PPDT?

  • PPDT stands for picture perception and discussion test, as the name suggests, you need to write a story on the picture shown, narrate it and then discuss among group members to make a common story. 

How to write a story in PPDT?

  • You will see the picture for 30 secs and then you will get 1 min to note down few details and then 4 mins to write your story on the page provided by the SSB.
  • In 1  minute you have to write down the details like gender of the characters you have seen, their age, mood and circle the character you have seen first. 
  • All these details have to be marked inside the box printed on the sheet provided by SSB.
  • Write M/F/P for male/female/person(if the gender is not clear).
  • Write +/-/0  for positive/negative/neutral mood.
  • Write their age assumed by you and as per the picture shown.
  • Circle the details of the character you have seen first.
  • On the right hand side of the sheet, you have to write the action happening in your story, it could be in 3-4 words like " saving a child" , "Enjoying in vacation" , "helping a poor" etc

Picture Perception [Story Writing]

Sample of the PPDT story sheet:

Assume that you have seen the picture(above) during story writing, it will be displayed till 30 secs and then 1 min for noting down few details. Assumptions may vary person to person, but try to assume practical and logical, if you find the character as a female, then write it as a female but male.

Details in the Box
  • According to the picture, I have seen a female[F] character first on the very left side of the frame with positive mode and age around 26 years. So you can see what I have mentioned it in the box given.
  • I have also seen another female[F] on the right hand side of the frame with little sad facial expression (negative mood) and age around 40 years.
  • I have seen another character in the middle of the frame, I not able to guess the gender so I marked it as a person [P] but I guess the age would be 45 years and mood is neutral. 
  • These assumptions may vary person to person, one may see only two characters and other may assume it as a battle ground, so it depends on how you think and respond to what you see.
Action Part
Coming to action part, I find the scene of an agricultural land, so my story is related to farming/ agricultural. After seeing the picture few keywords came to my mind like farming+poor+agriculture+help+fertilizers+drought+earning+livelihood  etc etc , so based on that I assumed some story in my mind and based on that I wrote the action in very short.

Your Story
Once you are done with above, you will get 4 mins to write the story, keep your story relavent to the picture and characters mentioned by you. Sometime you may not be able to finish the story in time, but that's okay, you can add the missing parts while narrating but again make sure you do not change your story completely, but try to keep it relevant.

Discussion Test [Individual Narration + Group Discussion]

This part of screening which can make most of us nervous, as a matter of fact, individual narration and group discussion decides whether you stay for the day or screened out. So, use your full ability to perform well enough during narration and discussion.

This part consist two things, one is individual narration and another is group discussion. After the story writing, candidates will be divided in a group of 12 -14, all group members are suppose to sit in a semi circular fashion. You will be getting chance to read your story again just to revise before the individual narration starts.

Individual narration:
  1. Candidate with the least chest number start narrating his/her story, once finished, the next candidate will start his/her narration. This will proceeds till last candidate.
  2. Once the narration start, assessors will not interrupt neither you are suppose to look or talk to assessors.
  3. You will be getting sufficient instructions from assessors before the narration starts. 
  4. Try to keep your story short and to the point, you may get maximum 1 min to finish your narration.
Group Discussion:
  1. As soon as the last candidate completes his/her narration, group discussion begins among group members without any interruption from assessors.
  2. Generally it starts with 6-7 candidates speaking/yelling at the same time, you are suppose to keep your calm and show maturity.
  3. The motto of the group discussion is to make a common story out of the picture shown.
  4. If the group discussion becomes fish market, assessors may divide the group into two halves. This makes the discussion easier because of less candidates in each group.
  5. You may get 5-10 mins for discussion.
  6. At last assessors will stop the discussion and tell the group to move out of the room. 

PPDT/Screening Result:

  1. You will get your results after few hours, those who are selected stay back for next few days for stage-II testing.
  2. Don't loose hope if you are not selected. Try to learn from your experiences.
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Please share you sceerning experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.

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  1. Our PPDT in Bhopal navy SSB January'13.

    Picture of a lady standing on the balcony and
    a man driving by in a car below driving by.
    I can give u the mood and age but its about how u interpret.

    1. We got the same picture in allahbad in Jan'13.

  2. In the Discussion, What if entire group of 15 starts barking at once, and the assessor tells all of us to get lost from the room. our discussion was like the one that i mentioned, it was not even for a minute, i kept calm seeking a chance to speak. but at last i was out. so i think we should join in the fish market

    1. sai bola bhai it hapnd with me to once...in ppdt situation a bit like cats n dogs..so do in rome as romans do..... bt rembr to speak only logical thoughts.

  3. Sir we r supposed to write a story and choose a hero of our age group.
    But if in the picture there is a child and a old man how could we choose our hero?

    1. my friend u can take the hero from outside....,,,,likewise in this picture (above showed)(a girl is going with some books in her hands, a person working in the field and a lady stood in front of the field) so we can assume the hero from outside....

      Ajay was a college student. Once he went to his native village to his grandfather. There he saw some girls were working as laborer in the agriculture field. he met to a girl and ask to her for go to school. by talking her he came to know that parents of those girls did not allow to go school because of their lack of knowledge. he decided to grow up this matter and arranged a meeting of villagers with the help of headman. in that meeting he gave knowledge about girl education and told them benefits of their education and also listened their problem and gave them proper solution ways. By this girls of village started to go school. with this ajay was happy with his work.

  4. During picture perception, persive picture accurately! utilize 30secs for persiving picture clearly and than make your story according to it

  5. During discussion try to speak 1st, if not than try to speak once during discussion but logically

  6. Ridhhima was a final year B.SC agriculture student who is doing research on old farming techniques practised by rural farmers.She was given 5 villages as a research project work.She was in daulatpur village for more then a month and observed many things on the basis of what data she collected from farmers and labourers which can be used to enhanced the cropping methods.She told farmers about the various schemes run by the government which provides subsidy and schemes on farming tools ,seeds and irrigation methods.She helped them to find the way to get such facilities.Soon the village started using high yielding methods and ridhhima now moved on to next village by telling them about forum from where they can collect such useful information regarding new farming techniques.

  7. Admin do tell whr improvement is required ?

    1. Nice story but make sure you equally do good while narrating and during GD.

  8. Preeti was in school when her father used to work hard in the farms and earn their livelihood. She was aware of the financial constraints that her family was facing. As her family was dependent on agriculture, she decided to take B.Sc agriculture as her higher qualification and utilize the knowledge gained in helping her father. She took the course, and started working on the fields with her father. while working she noticed that the technique used in farming was very old and labourious. The yield was also not good, hence lower income to the family. She talked to her father about this and convinced her to apply new methods of farming. Father agreed and the methods were applied. The results were positive and crop was good. Preeti felt happy by helping her family overcome the constraints.

    1. *his

      Admin comment on this story please...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Mahesh was a young graduate student.He lived in a remote village with his parents n two sisters.Despite being blessed with all geographical advantages the economic condition of his village was not good. As they dnt kow how to utilise the resources.Consequently his village lagged behind in all raspect.This sight dnt please the student in him.He knew tat education is the antidote to all problems.So he met the sarpanch n askd for the permission to use the community hall to run a night school where people,of all religion,caste,sex can sit n grasp the right to education.He was readily given the permission.He started the school with all enthusiasm n began the things from the scratch.He also asked his friends too to come n teach them.He lead emphasis on girl education n told the farmers the advanced use of scientific meathods of farming.With the passage of time situations changed favourably.people learnt the art, use of skills n knew their rights in various fields.Hence drops made the ocean so the village got onto the wheels of progress.

  11. Can you tell me-
    i) have you ever stayed in a village?
    ii) Have you taken any such initative in any field? if yoy say yes then its a very well written story . you are a person wwho take tinitative, leader ship, helping nature, motivation,caring etc. You are a sutiable person to be an officer.From my side you are recommended provided you shows all others quailty of yours in other task.
    All the very best of luck.

  12. Sir, please tell me how to write a story from personal experiences on a picture which shows a girl/lady/woman as the lead character, when the story writer is a male. I heard somewhere that the lead character should reflect you. is it true?