15 Facts about Indian Navy That Every Aspirant Must Know

Indian Navy plays a crucial role in the defense and security of India. The weapon and warhead induction in India Navy is very fast as compared to other military services of India. Founded in 1612 to protect merchant ships of Britain, currently Indian Navy has a soldier strength of approx. 58,300. The current Chief of Naval Staff is Admiral Sunil Lanba, who has assumed the charge this year. Indian Navy day observed all over the nation on 4th December.

The day will be remembered for the contribution of Indian Navy in nation’s peace maintenance. Some special facts about Indian Navy are as follows.

  1. INS Zamorin at Ezimala, the naval academy, is the largest Naval Academy in the entire Asia.
  2. The first independent operation of Indian Navy was against the Navy of Portugal in 1961 during the liberation of Goa.
  3. Proudly, Indian Navy was the first to send a submariner to an expedition on Mount Everest and it has also completed an expedition at north and south poles.
  4. GSAT-7 satellite, built by ISRO, is used by the Indian Navy.
  5. Saagar Pawan is one of the two naval acrobatics teams in the world, belongs to Indian Navy.
  6. MARCOS, the special operation unit of Indian Navy, faces 90% dropout during training period.
  7. After 26/11 Mumbai blasts, Indian Navy raised Saagar Prahri Bal for surveillance on coastal areas.
  8. INS Viraat, the first Aircraft Carrier of India was the oldest aircraft carrier in the world.
  9. Vice Admiral Ram Dass Katari was the first to get up to the rank of Chief of Naval Staff in 1958.
  10. Indian navy had conducted operation in 3 other nations, out of which two were Maldives and Seychelles.
  11. Operation Talwar was the operation conducted by Indian Navy during Kargil war.
  12. Indian Navy is the chief user of Brahmos cruise missile (manufactured by India and Russia).
  13. India is expected to have its first endogenously manufactured aircraft carrier INS Vikrant in 2018.
  14. First super carrier INS Vishal by 2025.
  15. Barak-8 Missile, which was built by Israel and Indian, will be used by Indian Naval Ships.

Conclusion – Indian Navy has performed several operations and had contributed in many military tasks. Indian Navy’s performance in 1971 Indo-Pak war was outstanding. Moreover, the Indian Navy is still working hard to maintain the maritime security of India. It has conducted many national and international military operations and is still giving the best in its field. The above facts will raise the knowledge of the aspirants and will boost your moral to join the forces.

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