9 Exercises For Women Defence Aspirants For Upper Body Strength

Lately, women have shifted their centre of interest to defence services in incredible proportions. But that alone is not an adequate precondition to join in the services. There are certain physical standards those need to be addressed by the aspirants so as to avoid any risk of injuries during the training. And sculpting the upper body for developing strength is of utmost importance for women aspirants because women typically have a higher lower-to-upper-body strength ratio. This may cause to have a weak core and under performing muscles. This renders into under-expressed lower-body strength since your core is not accessible to translate lower-body strength into full-body movement.

Therefore, given below are few exercises which are considered significant for upper body strength.

1-  The Push-Up

The pushup is primarily credited as the king of all upper body exercises. It’s because, this is the single upper body exercise that engages most of your upper body muscles groups, collectively, than any other upper body exercise. It is also responsible for an individual’s overall physical fitness. The pushup is chiefly designed to train the chest muscles (pectorals). But, it also employs the biceps, triceps, shoulders forearms, wrists, and core muscles. It also enhances the cardiovascular system of your body. Hence, doing a few sets of pushups a day is the fastest way to build your overall upper body strength. There is no right number of push-ups for a person to do, however, try increasing the number by one each day.

Image result for female push up exercise              Image result for female push up exercise

2 – The Triceps Push-Up

The triceps push up is an extension to the push-up. It targets all the major muscles groups of your upper body, essentially the arm, chest, shoulder and core muscles. However, what makes the triceps push up different from a regular pushup is the fact that by placing your hands closer together you put more emphasis and thrust on the triceps. This is a great exercise for strengthening the area in the back of the upper arms.

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3- The Plank

The plank is one of the best and most effective exercises for your core because it builds isometric strength that sculpts your waistline and improves postures. There are many ways to do a plank but three of the plank variations would be more than required for the women aspirants, namely, the forearm plank which is usually considered as a standard plank, straight arm plank, and side plank. Plank exercises train abdominal muscles to be strong and these muscles provide support for your entire back and spinal column and in doing so, they play a pivotal role in preventing injuries.

Image result for plank           Image result for plank

4- The Chin Up or Pull Up

This is a challenging strength training exercise. When you want a functional, rigorous, and comprehensive exercise that targets most of the muscles in your upper body, the chin-up is your go-to because it engages the latissimus dorsi muscles of your back, and also involves a number of muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest, including your triceps, biceps and lower.

Recommended Chin-Up Repetitions

5- Side Crunches

Side crunches, also known as oblique crunches, is a functional ab exercise targeting oblique muscles. It is a core training exercise, that helps in improving your balance by strengthening your abdominal muscles. Strong core muscles improve your posture, that benefits your body in better functioning in sporting events and military training. The most significant benefit of this exercise is, it minimises strain on the neck and lower back.

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6- Lower Back Extension

This exercise is the simplest of all body weight exercises and ideally effective for isolation, elongation and strengthening of the muscles of your lower back. It stabilises the muscles of the back and reduces the likelihood of injuries and ensures that the target muscles are being worked out. Since it’s a very simple exercise with effective measures, it must not be overlooked by the aspirants.

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7- The Superman

This is another power-packed exercise that strengthens your upper and lower back muscles by isolating them as you lift your arms and legs off the floor. It builds the flexibility of the lower back muscles. This exercise also serves as a stretching exercise for your lower back muscles and the core muscles and relieves the tension and strain which often lead to lower back pain.


Image result for The Superman exercise

8- Dips

Dips are intense and effective isolation exercises that build and develop strength by targeting several layers of your upper-body muscle groups. They emphasise primarily on your triceps but also engage your forearms, shoulders, chest and lower back. Dips ensure that there is an even development of the muscles on your shoulders and back and also improves your lockout strength.

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9- The Sit Up

This exercise boosts your overall torso health and strengthens underlying stabilising muscles. It works on your core and back muscles. It greatly helps to increase your flexibility and range of motion. This exercise is beneficial as it improves body posture and reduces the risk of getting a back strain or injury.

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What? When? How?

  • Perform these exercises four to five days a week.
  • Warm up with 5 to 10 minutes of cardio, i.e.  easy running, jogging, cycling and cool down with 5 to 10 minutes of easy stretching and jogging.
  • During your workout, always focus on breathing and good form, and body posture.
  • Drinks lots and lots of water and have a healthy diet.


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