Honorary Lieutenant Bhagguram Maurya, Used His Pension Money To Construct A Road In His Village

Subedar Major Bhagguram Maurya, retired Jawan of Indian Army living in Himarampur village near Banaras, gave a village-length road gift to his village on the occasion of 70th Independence Day. He has used his hard earned which he got after his retirement from the Indian army. The estimated money to construct the road was around Rs 4,00,000.

Subedar Major Bhagguram Maurya became part of the Indian Army in 1978 and served the country till 2012. He got the medal from President Abdul Kalam in 2002 and President Pranab Mukherjee in 2012.

Before the construction, the condition of the road condition was very bad, after the construction many accidents have also declined. Whenever a vehicle used to pass through this road, dust was clouded. This is the reason that he made the road connecting Babatpur with Rajatalab with the money of his pension. He has invested 4 lakh rupees for the construction of this road.

Now SM Bhagguram Maurya and the rural resident are demanding to install Interlocking Tiles on the road from the Panchayat so that the path becomes better and safer. He told the English newspaper Hindustan Times, “Now I have no money left, otherwise, I would buy them by buying Interlocking Tiles and putting them on. I request the Minister of State for Public Works, Surendra Patel, to arrange interlocking tiles so that the road gets better. I hope they will definitely help us. “

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