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Hello friends! I am recommended from 24 SSB Bengaluru, TGC-126. If my experience helps you in any way, I’ll be very happy. My date of reporting was 24 July 2017. I reported there on time. As I was screened out twice, so this time I went with no expectations. On our reporting day, we had our documentation and we got our chest numbers. My chest number was 4. I had my dinner thereafter and slept in order to be effective for the next day.


Day-1 (OIR, PP&DT)

OIR test was very easy,  in ssb we are always under big pressure of lack of time. But somehow, I was able to control all my OIR. Now comes PPDT, this time I was totally unprepared and fully relaxed with no expectations, so I was prepared to write whatever comes to my mind. I tried to forget, what I was taught in the coaching. I just wrote a practical story with practical outcomes. I was good in my narration and GD. So, this time I was confident that I’ll clear the stage-1.

After lunch, results were announced. My chest number was the first one who got screen in. So, my new chest number was 1.

(I was talking to God that night, to please give me strength and will power to do well in remaining days as I was totally unprepared. I was even laughing at myself that what I am going to now :D, but I left everything on almighty)

Day-2 (psychological tests)

TAT- I tried to write practical stories, I just imagined myself as the main character in the picture and correlated that scene to my life and just wrote meaningful stories.

WAT- This test requires quick thinking and very fast handwriting. Just write what comes to your mind, but keep in mind that your sentences should show your qualities.

SRT- I like this test a lot. We just need to write our reactions to the situations, don’t think about write or wrong answer in it, just write what comes to your mind. Be true and natural while writing your reactions. Try to do as much as possible.

SD- Next test was self-description, I prepared a few value points in my mind the last night and I just wrote all those points in details.

As I came out of the testing hall, I was informed that my interview is scheduled today. So I rushed to candidates accommodation and gt dress up in my formals. My interview lasted for around 45-50 mins. I answered all the questions related to my life, family, friends, and teachers. But was not able to answer any of Gk ques, current affairs, and Indian geography. Interviewing officer tried to put me under as much possible stress he could. He asked me about trips with my friends, sports that I play, etc. So overall I was not satisfied with my interview.

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

Day-3 (GTO-1)

Day-3 started with GD in which according to me, I did well. I just spoke in the same way we give our point of view while having a normal discussion with our friends.

GPE- Group planning exercise was not up to mark, as I forgot the important locations and I wrote rubbish in that but did well in its GD.

PGT & HGT- I was not able to give many ideas, but was with the group all the time helping them, coordinating well with each others. Our group wasn’t able to complete PGT- in scheduled time.

It was an average day for me, from the performance point of view.

DAY-4 ( GTO-2)

I did well in FGT and individual obstacles. In command task, I asked for help from one of the subordinates, but timely completed my command task. Day-4 was overall, good for me.

DAY-5 (Conference)

An officer in the morning told us about all olqs that are required in a candidates for getting selected in ssb. Thereafter, we were told to be present in conference hall according to chest number on the sound of bell.

As I was chest number 1, it took around 25-30 mins discussion before calling my chest number. While waiting for the bell outside conference hall, I was just remembering god and thanked him for everything and asked for his grace in result as well.

I was then called in, I wished president of board. They just asked me 2 basic questions to which I answered smartly and confidently. And I was sent back.

After around half an hour, the same officer came with a folder in his hands. My heart was pumping very hard. I was doing the same thing i.e remembering the almighty. He was motivating us, but my all focus was on god.

Then he suddenly opened his folder to announce the result. His words were,” selected candidate ….. Chest number-1” that moment was difficult to digest, I was stunned, I shouted “yes sir with my name” .

He congratulated me, closed his folder and went away. I was still doing the same thing, “thanking god for his grace and love”.

So friends, just enjoy every test and task in order to give your best. Don’t take it as competition at all. Just be natural and truthful. Be like what you are, exactly same way how you are with your friends while on a trip. Just enjoy the stay there and enjoy each and every task.

 Gud luck to all!

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