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Tips for Lecturette in SSB Interview

This is the last task of GTO 1 day and this is the most exhausting day.This task can be considered outdoor but is actually a sitting indoor task. The task means to delivering a small lecture on a topic to be selected from a chit on which 4 topics are written (topmost = most difficult, next two = difficult and easy, last = easiest), for a span of 3 mins continuously and fluently only in ENGLISH.

Tips for Lecturette  in SSB

Tips for Lecturette in SSB Interview

  1. Choose any of the topics but advised to select 2 or 3 for convenience.
  2. Give a brief introduction , actual cause and nature of topic selected, deep mature thought over its ascent over mankind, its +ve and -ve effects , a small example if possible to explain clearly your perceived thought.
  3. While giving your lecture, report your topic to the GTO and then proceed. Look into the eyes of group members and not the GTO while giving lecturette.
  4. While preparing make sure you have taken the above points in consideration.
  5. Make a prior preparation of one topic which you like in case that you cannot speak on any of the topics given then ask for permission from GTO to talk on your topic.
Just before the actual task starts the GTO asks for a brief introduction of all candidates one by one in the following format,
  • Name
  • Father’s name
  • Father’s occupation
  • Family background
  • Schooling and education
  • Currently what are you doing
  • Where are you from and hobbies?
Cover all these points in 45 seconds and do not stumble anywhere, have a good profound fluent voice, look at your friends and do not make any hand gestures. Limited hand gestures can be made at the time of lecture but not many.
Don’t get tense and panic while delivering lecture instead keep a smiling face. Duration is per candidate = 3 mins, total about 30 -35 mins.
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  1. Could you please elaborate on the Family Background part of the Introduction. I’m unable to make sense of what is to be said for that.


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