More Myth’s Regarding SSB

More Myth’s Regarding SSB

Aspirants you would have heard about various myths and rumors related to SSB’s. Here are some of them and as per best of my knowledge the truth behind them also.

Myth 1- Regarding ‘Rejection Boards’: You have to go a place called a Selection board where your SSB testing takes place. It is a wide belief that some of those boards are not the selection boards but rejection board. It is said that those boards reject people more instead of selecting them. Some examples are Allahabad Board for Army and 4AFSB for Varanasi. This is entire crap! There is no such thing like rejection board. In defense they are searching for qualities and thus the best fit and not the best candidate. You might be excellent in other things but if you don’t fit in their criteria they won’t take you. This applies to all boards. It is sheer rumor that they are selecting more and they are selecting less. The officers who conduct the SSB’s are trained in the same way and they are transferred on a regular basis. They consist of the board and hence the procedure is same for everywhere. The number of selections depends entirely on the batch/lot which has come for the testing.
Myth 2-Repeaters have fewer chances of selection: Again a myth. Repeaters have been through the process once and hence they have an advantage instead of disadvantage. See once you have been rejected for something then it means that you lack some qualities which are demanded there, and it is really difficult to cultivate qualities. This applies to repeaters as well, once they are rejected that means that something is lacking and very few have the ability to identify it and improve. I am sure a real defense aspirant has the quality to fight hence keep fighting till you get in. So remove this myth.
Myth 3- More Fresher candidates are selected in comparison to repeaters: Well obviously! It is simple mathematics. There are a lesser number of repeaters who come for SSB in comparison to fresher hence fresher are selected more. See suppose total 100 people get screened in out of them 20 are repeater and 80 are fresher. Suppose 8 fresher get recommended and 2 repeaters get recommended then the percentage remains the same. 8 is 10% of 80 and 2 is 10% of 20. Hence you get the simple math? So don’t get disheartened and put in more effort.
Myth 4- People of a ‘certain’ Background have more chances of selection: They are looking for Officer like qualities of which background or family background or English medium school is not a part. Of course belonging to a good family makes you a good person and everybody has a good family. Family creates an impact on your personality it is that impact which makes you fit or unfit for selection. Being from a village background or from Hindi medium doesn’t creates a difference if you have OLQ’s you’ll make it if you don’t then you won’t. You might be fit for being the president of India like our Missile Man APJ Abdul Kalam who is a magnificent personality but was rejected by SSB. So if you have IT in you you’ll make it irrespective of the background you hail from.
So these were some major myths regarding SSB which do nothing but demoralize you. So ignore these things and concentrate on your preparations.
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 Tashi Mishra, Editorial Team

She is a defense aspirant from Varanasi completed her BCA. She has attended SSB Interview at 1 AFSB Dehradoon and has more SSB coming up. She is confident about joining Defence Forces one day. Here, she is sharing her views and experience. Mail us to join our editorial team now.

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