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Recent Lecturette Topics 2014

Lecturette is an exercise to check one’s speaking ability, voice, the amount of knowledge one holds on the chosen subject and most importantly confidence of the candidate. Lecturette is a 3 minute small talk given on a topic which has to be chosen amongst the given four topics. What happens is that a candidate has to pick up a card on which four topics are given; he/she has to decide which topic he/she wants to speak on. Then in duration of three minutes the candidate is required to prepare for the talk, after completion of three minutes the candidate has to give the talk for a maximum duration of three minutes.

What you have to keep in mind is that; choose the topic which you know about the most. Do not exceed the time limit and also do not finish off very quickly, try to utilize the three minutes optimally. Speak in a confident manner, as if you are teaching the other people, do not use hand gestures, stand in at ease position and keep your body firm. Begin by introducing your topic, and thus tell the topic you have chosen to speak upon. Make sure that the rate of speech is not very fast and neither very slow. Look into the eyes of the sitting candidates; do not look at the GTO. If you get struck in between don’t panic, give a pause and start again.

Recent Lecturette Topics  2014
You can prepare for lecturette by reading a good UPSC level essay book, by Arihant or Sahani publications. These books contain good number of topics and thus help in preparation of not only lecturette but also GD. You can practice lecturette by yourself. Stand and speak on random topics within the time constraints.
Remember that the most important thing in Lecturette is your confidence. The whole purpose of this exercise is that as an officer you are required to command your troop and motivate them at moments, so you should be confident enough to do so. This is one exercise in the GT series where only you are responsible for your performance, so take these three minutes as your own and give your best shot.
Here are some recent topics of Lecturette given in different SSB’s. Feel free to comment any topic you have encountered recently.
  • Medical Project
  • Tourism in India
  • Indian Culture
  • Sports as a career
  • Indian Space missions
  • Indo-Pak relations
  • Indo-China relations
  • India and its relations with neighboring countries
  • Interlinking of rivers
  • Judicial System of India
  • Health and Diet
  • Media
  • Crime and Justice
  • Metro Rail
  • Role of UN in present era
  • Role of Computers
  • Role of media in Nation Building
  • Role of Women in Nation Building
  • Hacking
  • UNO
  • Elections

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  1. the following topics were given to me (for UES army entry)
    1. naga peace accord
    2. womens reservation bill
    3. youth and drugs


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