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GuestSSB Interview ExperienceYes, It Is Possible. Recommended for Air Force

Yes, It Is Possible. Recommended for Air Force

The dream of an ordinary to become an OFFICER seemed weird initially to everyone around, especially for a girl who belonged to a civilian family. The chaos inside the brain on idea of becoming a part of FAUJ was not that easy to handle but was truly satiating and satisfying. The craving for UNIFORM led me towards seeking proper guidance and mentorship in the field of Defense. I appeared for AFCAT the very first time in Feb-13, cleared it and went to Varanasi for SSB in June-13.The results didn’t bring any jubilations for me. The taste of failure and that too very first time in life was surely bitter. And the only question which struck my mind was “IS IT POSSIBLE”? I again summoned all my strength and made up my nerves to prepare for this ‘NOT SO EASY CALLENGE’.I set forth again to find the answer of my question. With due suggestions of my friends who are already in search of answer I started boosting my general knowledge, knew more about life in Defense, conducted time bound psychological tests ,regular workout, and the most important of all INTROSPECTED  myself. Knowing oneself seems a casual task but in true sense it plays a key role in selection procedure. Time for AFACT again, this time performed better than last attempt and set the sail for SSB to Gandhinagar. The day was DECEMBER 16, the VIJAY DIWAS that flushed me with even more confidence. I, a girl with height exactly on threshold (152 cm), rather than feeling intimidated at the sight of tall girls at MCO, Railway Station just felt like proving myself.Yes, It Is Possible. Recommended for Air Force

Being a repeater, I knew that I have to reach even greater standards to come at par with OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES, they are looking for. What I realized there is ‘ITS YOU ONLY YOU WHOM THEY CHOSE’, and not a person who is manipulate. Authenticity really pays off. I must mention a good and supporting group plays a very significant role in lifting your spirit and at the same time assists you in projecting your qualities. I felt blessed to be part of a wonderful group this time. There is a hairline difference in LEADERSHIP and DOMINANCE and I felt like realization of this difference is quite indispensible. A good leader who is accepted by others makes his/her way through the perils of the procedure. Preparation along with positive attitude, confidence and a smile makes this task a bit easier.
Handling pressure under stressful circumstances especially in GTO series and that too with patience helps you moving a step ahead of others. A healthy competitive spirit is MUST. Individual and group performance is equally important. Its the cumulative performance in all tasks which paves the way for success. One of the most important things which I realized is there should be a consistency and uniformity of attitude in all the three series. The assessors should find only a single person from all your responses. And then the moment came, hilarious one for me, amidst a few tall girls who were “RECOMMENDED”, a girl simply got her answer and it was YES this time.
If I can do it surely anyone can do it with due determination and dedication. Just go for it, just one more time and you will make through.
Ankita About Author: Ankita Kamalia: She is a defence aspirant from Bhilwara,Rajasthan who got recommended for June 2014 Technical course of IAF through AFCAT from 3 AFSB Gandhinagar.
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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  1. Many congratulations!!…I was conferenced out twice at SSB Mysore and just thought may be this is not my cup of tea and gave up.
    But ready blogs like yours gives me confidence that why should not I give another try with full dedication and determination….

  2. Hey ankita first of all many many heartly congratulations for yr recommendations
    And i totally agree with you to all things which you have said its just dedication and yr commitment and self analysis which clears you all
    This is Tarkeshwar sah from delhi got recommend from varanasi on jan 11for june
    2014 batch tech branch

  3. Hi ankita,
    congrats first of all for getting recommended. You just mentioned that you have just 152 cm as height. I am also a defence aspirant. But I have my height just 5 cm below the threshold height. So do you have any idea will I clear my medicals or not?


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