Story Of Major Sudhir, 9 PARA (SF) Ashoka Chakra

Major Sudhir Kumar Walia, 9 PARA (SF), Ashoka Chakra(Posthumous), Bar To Sena Medal. On 29 August 1999, Major Sudhir Kumar Walia, along with a squad of five Soldiers chanced upon a hideout of 20 terrorists. Major Sudhir Kumar surged ahead of his squad and single handedly killed four militants.

During the encounter, Major Walia was seriously injured, however the brave officer refused to be evacuated and kept directing his men with his radio set and ultimately ensured that all the terrorists were eliminated. Major S K Walia, SM* was posthumously awarded India’s highest Gallantry Award in peace time, the “ASHOK CHAKRA”Major Sudhir Kumar Walia

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