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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

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Often when we fail, we are surrounded by the clouds of disappointment. If the failures keep on coming continuously, we feel worthless and hopeless. The clouds of unhappiness let us down and make us feel absolutely hollow and insignificant. We don’t realize that there is a silver lining to every cloud. Candidates feel that after getting reject it is the end of the opportunities for them, it is end of the world for them. My friends please understand that the journey has just begun; it’ll take you to your destination. Enjoy the failures as there won’t be any after you succeed! You can’t give up just because you failed once, or twice. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t give up:

  1. Because you are worthy: You are valuable because a job, or an interview or an exam doesn’t determine your worthiness. There is much more to you than just an exam. And who knows that if you practice and try again you’ll ace in the same exam in which you failed. So you are valuable in all situations, in all scenarios no matter what?
  2. Everyone is special: As mentioned above your worth doesn’t get diminished by a fact that you couldn’t clear up some exam. You are you, you are good in something. Maybe not this, maybe something else. Who knows you’ll land up a job much better than the one you failed in. They do not say at the, just for the sake of saying in conference that even if you don’t get selected you can do much better in the outside world.
  3. Nobody else can be in your place: Only you know the pain of not getting something you wanted; only you know how much you deserve it. So none of your relatives or friends or criticizers can be in your place and understand the pain. Never give up hope because of that. Keep on trying, if that is what you want. If that is what you have to do.Why You Shouldn’t Give Up
  4. Your parents love you: What people don’t realize is that their parents love them, no matter what, they’ll always be on their side. They know that you are worthy and you’ll do good. If not this then something else, they always believe in you and trust me whatever you do, in the end you’ll make them proud, and they know that.
  5. Everyone succeeds in the end: If not this then something else. A brick lying on the floor can be of no use to the carpenter, so he won’t pick it up, but it is of much use to a mason and he’ll certainly pick it up. So never think that you will not succeed, if not for Armed Forces, you are definitely a right fit for something else.

Falling down is easy, almost every individual taste the bitter taste of failure more than once in their life, however, getting up is not easy, and those who get up after falling down every time, they definitely make a difference.

Tashi Mishra
Tashi Mishrahttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
An ardent follower of Military, football. Loves to read. Writer by choice, computer professional by chance! And Dil toh fauji hai jee!!



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