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14 Things Only Military Brats Would Understand

Military brats are a unique breed. We deal with situations that our civilian friends sometimes find weird. All because we are son/daughter of a man in uniform. Being a military brat is awesome and tough at the same time. There’s a lot that goes into explaining things to others. Here are 50 things only a military brat would understand:


  1. The question of Where are you from?

Okay, what do you want to listen? Where was I born? Or where was I bought up? Or where did I spent my childhood?

  1. It’s natural for you to stand up during the national anthem:

I still remember my friends’ look when I stood up for the national anthem during India-Pakistan cricket world cup.

  1. You’ve learned to sleep through the sounds of morning PT, gunfire, etc:

Because you don’t want to get up at 3:30 in the morning.

  1. You rarely fully unpack:

Because you’ve already have necessary items handy. Also, you would need to repack anyhow on dad’s next posting.

  1. Figuring Out the Best School You Went To:

Because you’ve already studied in a dozen of them by your twelfth.

  1. The immediate bond with another military brat:

“OMG, you’re an army brat too?!” Got someone who could understand what I speak now.

  1. People give you a blank look when you try to explain the difference between a unit, company, battalion, etc

Especially to your civilian friends.

  1. You had an awesome childhood:

…and would never trade that for anything in the world.

  1. Is Your Sibling Born in the Same State:

This is the follow up if you somehow encounter the first question.

  1. You know that no matter where your father is posted, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy moving with him.

All the emotional farewell crap is not new to you.

  1. The Debate of Military VS Civilian Hospital for the Birth:

So, this one’s pretty rare, but we do have ourselves asked at least once whether we were born in a military hospital or a civilian one.

  1. Calling everyone “Sir” or “Saab” is not new to you

And you don’t even feel anything when your father does it everytime, even on their back…

  1. The Ticket Prices for Military Travels:

Yes, that’s a plus point.

  1. After telling someone your father is in the Air Force or Naval Aviation or Army Aviation Corps, you’re ready for the inevitable follow-up question of “Is he a pilot?”

Because you know everyone in the military aviation is not a pilot.

Have you come across more such experiences as a fauji brat? Let us know.


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  1. They also know the line “Do you know who my dad (mom) is, My “parent” out ranks yours. etc. etc. Yeah, we all (veterans) know what they know. Here’s one thing a lot of them are to to find out. Pull that BS off base and somebody is going to hand you your A$$


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