Cracked NDA SSB Interview In 7th Attempt

First of all, before I start with my story I would like to express my gratitude to the things and people that helped me achieve my dream even after continuous failures

  1. My parents and my brother – They were with me all the time, standing by my side, motivating me to try again and again, my pillar of strength.
  2. SSBCRACK – You just cannot miss this website and it’s blog if you are a hardcore defence aspirant.
  3. Captain VIKRAM BATRA, PVC. Captain MANOJ KUMAR PANDEY, PVC.  And more such inspiring people. Instead of fake Bollywood heroes, I  consider these people as my real heroes  and role model.

So , Hey folks out there. A little intro first . I am Sahil chib and I recently got recommended from 1AFSB Dehradun for NDA-139 COURSE in my 7th attempt.  I had read many success stories on SSBCRACK just to keep myself motivated and always thought that when I would get the chance to share my own, and I guess here it is. So my story begins from my 11th standard where I had made up my mind to get into the armed forces , but my journey wasn’t that easy as I had expected ,it was more of a roller coaster ride, continuous rejection in technical entries  and failures in written left me completely devastated but as they say “ IT IS NOT ABOUT HOW HARD YOU CAN HIT , IT IS ABOUT HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD”  so  I went there each time with more preparation, with a more better and developed person and I just wanted to see how tough it is for me with a mindset  “KITNI BAR REJECT KAR LOGE SIR AAP”.  Somewhere in my mind I had faith in myself and knew that I had it in me and this was the main driving force that made me try again and again.

So it all begins on 14th of August at Dehradun with 150 candidates reporting.

DAY 1: Screening day

  1. I did extremely well in both the OIR and attempted all of the questions. My personal advice is not to take OIR lightly as they are evaluated and can be a reason for your rejection.
  2. PP&DT – We were shown a very blur picture, it seemed to me that there were some persons standing around a hole. I wrote a crisp a unique and simple story about a PWD officer clearing out the problem of potholes that ware causing a major amount of accidents in his jurisdiction.  My narration went were well, I was confident throughout my narration and flawlessly gave my points, in the GD I gave my 2-3 valid points and stayed out of the fish market.

Result time: 72 got screened in.

PSYCH TEST: We had our psych test on the same day from 6 PM onwards (DAMN !! WE were tired ).

TAT: Completed all the 12 stories.  While writing the TAT stories I was practical. I created a hero who was a doer rather than a thinker and showed his sustained efforts to achieve his goal (Goal can be anything ranging from organizing a picnic to organizing the launch of a PSLV rocket ).

WAT: Completed 45/60nda ssb interviewStressed more on quality rather than quantity.

SRT: Completed 42/60. Same approach as WAT.

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

SD: Completed it well in time. My only advice is DO NOT BLUFF. Write what you are and who you are. Everybody has some flaws so you don’t have to potray yourself as someone who is far away from your personality ( coz eventually they will find out) .

GTO ( DAY 2 & 3): We had our GTO straightaway the next day and I had great fun doing all the tasks

GD&GPE- These are introductory tasks and are the most important. Just keep in mind that apart from putting forward your points you also have to be a good listener .What I did was I listened to all my groupmates putting their points in the meantime I collected 3-4 good points of mine and when I got the chance I gave up all my points and then started listening to them again.

PGT, HGT, FGT- In these tasks too try to be a group, effective member. Apart from giving your ideas take others ideas as well. Your aim should be to make your group win rather than outperforming others. When you are stuck take their ideas, when they are stuck give your ideas.

INTERVIEW (The best part of whole testing series)

My interview lasted for only 30-35 minutes but I was pretty sure when I came out of the room that I will make it this time. The main approach during the whole interview should be knowing what is being asked and what you have to answer. Don’t beat around the bush and answer briefly and clearly. Be truthful to yourself while answering. During the whole interview, there was a smile on my face and I answered all the questions confidently. Questions ranged from my past girlfriends to my schooling, from “do you watch porn “ to “your future career option”. It was fun. Although I had written reading newspaper as my hobby I wasn’t even asked a single question GS  maybe because he was more interested in me rather than my GS skills.

Here you can get an idea how was my interview

IO – What are your views on premarital sex?

ME- Sir I feel that everything has its time and I personally won’t do it but if its consensual and proper protection is used then it ain’t a sin either.

IO-  What kind of person you would be after 4 years from now?

ME- Sir. It depends upon the training that I would get in the academy, which I know is quite incredible so yes, a better person more responsible and mature and a good leader.

Final result: 8 got recommended out of 72.

Signing off with this most inspiring line for me that a recommended candidate had mentioned in his story on SSBCRACK … **HARA VAHI JO LADA NAHI .

I would be glad to help you out I, if you have some doubts you can contact me on FB or QUORA.

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