Cracked NDA SSB in the 1st Attempt

Hello everybody, I am Divya Pareek and I have been recommended by 34 SSB, Allahabad in my first attempt for the National Defence Academy. I have always been interested to join the Army and in class 11th I started my preparation to join the prestigious National Defence Academy, by reading the experiences of recommended candidates on SSBCrack, it also helped me to get to know about the complete procedure of the SSB. I gave my 1st attempt for NDA written in September, 2018, but I couldn’t clear it and due to that I also couldn’t focus on my 12th due to which I scored just 71% in 12th boards, but thankfully because of my tuition teacher I was able to score 95/100 in my Maths boards exam. And all this prep. and guidance from my tuition teacher, I was able to clear NDA 1,2019. Then I started my prep. for SSB, took guidance from some very helpful people, and practiced psych tests and worked on my physical fitness. Now I will share my 5 day experience:


Being NDA entry the no. of candidates were just 70. Screening was on the next day of reporting at the centre and we were all seated in a hall with our chest nos. and an assessor came and briefed us about the tests that were to be organized on that day. First was our OIR test, most of the questions were of cube and I would suggest you practice OIR as much as you can before SSB, then came the PPDT and a hazy picture was shown, all of us made different stories. Our papers were taken and we were told to wait there for further instructions, we were a group of 18 freshers and knew that we would be made into a single group so we, in advance decided that we won’t make a fish market. I narrated my story confidently, in the GD participated and also gave chance to others. Soon, an assessor came and started announcing the chest nos. of screened in candidates in a systematic order starting from chest no. 1, I was chest no. 15, but after 14 he called 16 and I was hopeful that he would come back and say 15, but he reached 70 and I was disheartened but then he again started calling more chest nos. and 15 was called! Then I was given chest no. 14.


On 2nd day all of us 40 candidates reported in the hall and were again briefed about the tests. Our first test was TAT in which I made simple stories with a problem and how the hero solves it. After that I did all 60 WATs and 57 SRTs and wrote a precise and crisp SD.


All of us reported in the gto ground at 0630hrs and waited there for the assesors, then our group was from chest no.11 to chest no.20 and 1st we had our both the GDs (if u have good knowledge of current affairs and presence of mind then these topics are easy), after that we had GPE and then came the PGT in which at first because of too many people and less space we couldn’t do anything and the GTO had to interfere but after some time we were doing good. Throughout our tasks the GTO never asked us all to go through, instead he kept changing colours and asked for ideas (as most of us were not apt with the art of tying a rope) and then how the last person would reach. Then came  our group obstacle race in which we were penalized many times but still managed to come 1st, after that or day ended with lecturette which I gave confidently, loud and clear.


On the 4th day it was pouring heavily but still our gto went on with IO being the first one which was comparatively tough as the surface was slippery and ropes were also wet and it was raining, I did 9 obstacles. Then came the HGT in which I gave many ideas which were successfully implemented. After that was our CT in which nine was of moderate difficulty and I was called thrice as subordinate. FGT was very easy and was completed within minutes. On the same day was my interview which lasted for just 20-25 minutes in which he asked me various questions regarding family, edu., hobbies and a few GK questions. There were some questions I was not able to answer but I remained confident. He asked me about different instances of my life, instances of me going out of my way to help a friend, etc. I was also asked different uses of a pencil. He also asked me reason for % drop, but he was satisfied with my genuine answer. So acc. to me u should be confident throughout and have a good presence of mind.


My conference was over in seconds and I was asked general questions like how was your stay and all. Then results were announced and chest no. 14 was called and I was on cloud 9, finally my 2 years of hardwork had paid off!

Finally, I would like to say that when u go there just chill, don’t worry about your performance, enjoy the experience as it’s a once in a lifetime experience and do your best.


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