Cracked TES SSB Interview In My 1st Attempt

“IF YOU WANT TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE, TIE IT WITH GOALS NOT WITH PEOPLE”. Hello, guys, my name is Nilesh Yadav and I got recommended from 34 SSB Allahabad for TES-43 Indian Army. This was my very first attempt and I was Totally into forces due to my Defence background. Since I wanted to make sure I make through it I joined training at Cavalier and bought a book from SSBCrack to practice OIR. On my first day 252 people reported then we were seated in a hall and two OIR booklet with 40 questions each were given simultaneously with 17 minutes to solve each. PPDT happened shortly after and we were divided in a group of 20 for discussion and soon after the results were announced and 36 0f us made it.

On the second day morning, Psychology test was conducted and I attempted all the pictures a 58 WAT, 51 SRT. Soon after my interview happened and the interviewer asked me several HOT questions like about CAA and NRC in-depth, major changes in organisation of Indian Army some technical questions and my family background.

On 3rd and 4th day, our GTO test happened which I think went very well. I participated well in all the group tasks, I gave my lecturette confidently and attempted 11 individual obstacles.

On fifth day conference was held and they asked a pretty normal question like” how was your stay” and” how would you rate your performance “ but they asked new question “ what adventurous experience you had in your life” to which I replied I have done mountain climbing with my friends. The conference was about 5 minutes and after that results were declared and 4 of us made it through.

This was a great moment for us. It was the happiest day of our life like our dreams came true.

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