Brave Lieutenant Birol Das Who Punched Chinese Army Major

We all know, how Indian Army has never left a single chance to make every Indian proud about them. Be it about living up to their motto that is ‘Service before Self’ or any act of Bravery, Today we are going to talk about one such recent act of bravery by one of the soldiers of Indian army at the Indo-Chinese border in Sikkim region. Brave Lieutenant Birol Das Who Punched Chinese Army Major

The Incident as it happened

  • It was a regular day of Border patrolling by the Indian Soldiers along the Indo-Chinese border in the Muguthang region of Sikkim.
  • The next moment the Indian Soldiers spotted some Chinese Soldiers who were apparently in the Indian Territory of Sikkim.
  • Further, The Indian Soldiers tried to intervene and stop them from intruding any further to which the Chinese Soldiers retaliated verbally
  • One of the Major PLA, when asked to go back said “ This is our land and not Indian territory, so just go back”
  • After hearing this, one of the Indian Soldier Lt. Birol Das got furious and he replied “what!!!  This not our land? What the hell”. With these lines he went ahead in front of the major and he quite literally punched his nose.
  • The power of the punch was such that the Chinese Major fell on the ground and even his batch fell off from his uniform and his nose started to bleed.

The Affect

  • The colleagues of the Indian Lieutenant controlled him after his attack in order to avoid any escalation of tension between the two parties in what is currently one of world’s heavily guarded border and most controversial region.
  • The Lieutenant was initially admonished by his senior officers and other officials as this could have led to increased tension between the two countries who have had long history of border disputes and wars.
  • Although, later the officers at the commands located in Kolkata and Sukna congratulated the Young soldier for his brave and fearless attitude.
  • This incident was a huge moral boost up for the local troops and the Indian Army in all as a whole all across the country.
  • The Lieutenant soon became a National Hero, A soldier, a lower Rank Officer who literally made a higher rank PLA Major Bleed.
  • Even the Indian Army Chief MM Naravane made a wish to “have a look at the boy” and allegedly an appointment has already been set with the army chief for the Lieutenant.

The National Hero: Lt. Birol Das

  • He was born and brought up in a military family.
  • His Grandfather served the royal army and then the Indian Air Force
  • His father a retired colonel of Indian Army and has a peak named after him.
  • His sister is also a law graduate and a legal officer in the Indian Army.
  • He himself joined the Indian army after he cleared CDS (1) 2017 with an AIR of 102. His written marks and SSB marks were same and it was 129 for each.

His Father’s Word:

  • When His father was interviewed after the incident and was further enquired about the details of the incident, he being a army man himself humbly said “we soldiers can discuss our past but not our present, so leave my son out”
  • This statement came out as a matter of concern which his son and his carrier might face if the media covers this incident and globalizes or highlights the incident too much by glorifying what the soldier did but at the same time unknowing humiliating the Chinese counter parts which might worsen the situation.
  • His father further added “The Chinese are no great soldiers, they have a lot going in their favour – logistics, weapons, terrain, and communication. But when it comes to raw courage and strength, determination and patriotism, they just cannot match us” which in every word is true to the core.

The Indo- Chinese Battle History

  • India and China share a long international border including many disputed regions like LAC and the borders in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The battle in 1962 with the Chinese was fought bravely by the Indian Soldiers. They were outplayed by the Chinese resources but never did they ever lack the courage and the patriotism and the bravery in their heart. They fought with everything they had but almost nothing as far as the resources related to combat is concerned.
  • Ever since the Chinese soldiers have been known for their regular intrusions inside the Indian Territory.
  • The recent Doklam issue in 2018 or be it the their intrusion in the LAC region just a week ago, they have always tried to dominate the Indian borders but have faced a above par force o dominance not just by the Indian Soldiers but also the strong policies of the New Government.

The Way Ahead

  • This particular incident has made it loud and clear that the Indian Army is not going to take any kind of dominance or bullying by any enemy at all.
  • This incident will not only make India’s stand clear but will also boost the already up confidence of the Indian Army and the Defence force in general.
  • A senior official further mentioned that “Our boys are much tougher and fiercer than the Chinese. Even in 1962, they fought like hell with next to nothing. Don’t forget Major Shaitan Singh, the hero of Rezang La battle in 1962. Our officers and men have a long history of fighting and dying against insurmountable odds.”

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