Flying Officer Anurag Nain ‘Sword Of Honour’ Air Force Academy

Flying Officer Anurag Nain who passed out from Air Force Academy has been awarded the “Sword of Honour“. Nain, who stood first in the order of merit in his batch, has been commissioned into the IAF’s Flying Branch. He joined Indian Air Force Training Academy in January 2019 via NCC (National Cadet Corps) special entry scheme. Cadet Anurag Was a cadet at No 1 Delhi Air Squadron NCC from 2016-2018. Wg Cdr Sumeet Malhotra, Commanding Officer of the unit has described him as a very sincere, composed and dedicated trainee.

Last year, Flying officer Ritwik Sethi, Lt Shashwat Dabaas and two more cadets of No. 1 Delhi Air Squadron NCC have joined the forces as officers. In this photo, Cadet Anurag is seen getting trained by his NCC CO Wg Cdr Sumeet Malhotra on Pipistrel Virus Aircraft held by NCC.

He displayed good skills from the first time he took to flying, his CO said. No. 1 Delhi Air Sqn has given a large number of officers to the Armed forces, including the present CO who was a cadet of this unit from 1990-1993.

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