Names of 20 Indian Soldiers Lost Their Lives In Galwan Valley

At least 20 soldiers lost their lives in clash with the Chinese forces. Tensions on the Indo-China border have spiked to the highest since 1962 after over 20 troops, including an Indian commanding officer, were KIA in the face-off in Galwan valley that has seen a six-week-long standoff underway with the People’s Liberation Army

List of all the 20 Soldier’s KIA in Ladakh Sector :

  1. Col B Santosh Babu
  2. Hav Sunil Kumar
  3. Nb/Sub Nandu Ram
  4. Sep CK Pradhan
  5. Sep Rajesh Oraon
  6. Sep KK Ojha
  7. Sep Ganesh Ram
  8. Sep Ganesh Hasda
  9. Sep Chandan Kumar
  10. Nk/NA Deepak Singh
  11. Sep Aman Kumar
  12. Sep Kundan Kumar
  13. Nb/Sub Satnam Singh
  14. Nb/Sub Mandeep Singh
  15. Sep Jai Kishore Singh
  16. Hav Bipul Roy
  17. Sep Gurtej Singh
  18. Sep Ankush
  19. Sep Gurvinder Singh
  20. Hav K Palani

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