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Indian Army Rank Structure and Promotions


Below you can find the rank structure and promotions of Indian army officers. Commissioned officers of the Indian army get promotions based on their years of reckonable commissioned services. You can also check years of reckonable commissioned service for substantive promotion.

Indian Army Rank Structure and Promotions

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Types of Promotion

Acting Promotion in Peace and field concessional Areas.
Substantive PromotionTime Scale (up to Lt Col), Selection Grade (Col and above)
Local RankLocal ranks appropriate to the appointments held may be granted to the officers if considered necessary in terms of DSR Para 88.
Indian Army Rank Structure and Promotions

Years of Reckonable Commissioned Service for Acting Promotion

Rank to Which Acting Promotion is MadeTotal Minimum Service as Commissioned OfficerRemarks
Captain1 year
Major4 years3 years in Field.
Lieutenant Colonel7 yearsWith minimum service of one years in the rank of substantive Major.
Colonel8 years & 6 monthsWith minimum service of two years in the rank (s) of Major and above.
Brigadier12 yearsWith minimum service of three years in rank(s) of Lt. Col and above.
Major General20 years
Lieutenant General25 years

Note: Applicable for officers of all Arms and Service except AMC, RVC, ADC, MNS and APS.

Years of Reckonable Commissioned Service for Substantive Promotion (Other than AMC/ADC).

RankMajor Arms/ServiceVet OfficersMFSL
Lt Col13171313
Maj Gen25(24)*
Lt Gen28
GenNo restriction


  1. *for JAG Department Officers.
  2. As per Army Rule 2(d)
  3. Read with DSR Para 68, substantive promotion can be granted to those PC officers who have the requisite reckonable commissioned service as given in DSR Para 67.

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    • Saale tere jaise ko lenge bhi nahi, try mat kar diyo. Indian Army meant to SERVE not to rule.Tujh jaise Bacche k hath m agar command mil jaaye toh roj nayi war suru karwa dega.

    • Dekh beta, there is no shortcut. You want to be on the top, work your way to it. You are just in the 11th standard. Not even eligible to apply for the army. Pass 12th and then apply for NDA. If you pass all the steps that follow, they shall commission you as a lieutenant. That is an officer rank BTW.

    • Dear ,
      Lt. General is very responsible post in Army. In army General is Topmost post. Thereafter VCOAS and next in Lt. General. As per rule, you have first quality NDA exam after 10+2, or CDSE exam after graduation to become commissioned officer. Cadets after completion of training appointed as lieutenant. As per good service record they were promoted to captain, major, Lt. colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major General, Lt. General, VCOAS, COAS(General). Most of officers promoted to rank of colonel . very few officers are promoted to Brigadier, Major General,, Lt. General, VCOAS, COAS(General). To become Lt. General, first you have to quality NDA or CDSE exam. Their work devotionally for service, then you have to chances of becoming Lt. General.

    • yes, You become supreme commander of all the three service Army, Navy, Airforce join as President or Vice Precident of India. All the best for your future and such ambitious personality. good luck man.

  1. There is nothing wrong with the the ranks and service conditions in the armed forces. The problem is with the enormous dilution in the Civil Services. Made so visible by the Police Service. The Top Cop in each of the British Presidencies that comprise many states of today’s India wore the honorary epaulettes of a Major General as an IGP and the top cop in each district (equal to many of today’s districts)wore the honorary epaulettes of a Lt. Col. Today there are more than two dozen “Lieutenant Generals” in each State and several “Major Generals” per district in the Police. This is not possible in the Armed Forces as the command and control structure would become even more degraded than it is now with “teeth” carrying ranks below the “tail” and often reporting to incompetent officers rather than Infantry Commanders. At best, Army commanders and key Air and Naval commands can be promoted to 4 star. This is long over due. What is more important is to cut the Civil Services down to size or to move up the rank and salary scale parities between military ranks and the civil services. For example, a Police Lieutenant General or Additional Secretary to Govt could be pegged at the level of an Army Major General and a Police Major General or Joint Secretary at the level of a full Colonel) This is Sixty Six years over due.


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